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    A remarkable online presence can put you ahead of your competition and win the trust of retailers fast.

    Dominate Your Market With A Winning Storefront

    Rise above the competition and attract prospects with a professionally built wholesale store as these brands did.

    Here's breakdown of everything you'll get when you choose us to build your online wholesale store...

    Choose your desired plan

    Monthly Plan

    Get exposure for your business by uploading your products to SeeBiz


    Package Includes:

    1 month subscription fee

    Additional Bonuses

    • A professional designed wholesale storefront
    • Up to 50 of your products uploaded with descriptions
    • A professional introductory video for your store
    • A feature on the SeeBiz Marketplace homepage
    • A visual revamp to attract prospects
    Additional Bonuses

    Annual Plan

    Make your business stand out from the competition through SeeBiz's premium services


    Package Includes:

    12 months subscription

    Additional Bonuses

    • A professional designed wholesale storefront
    • Up to 50 of your products uploaded with descriptions
    • A professional introductory video for your store
    • A feature on the SeeBiz Marketplace homepage
    • A visual revamp to attract prospects

    And Everything Else You Need
    for A Profitable Online Store

    To Help you launch you store on the right foot, we have also added these bonuses...

    BONUS #1

    A FREE 3-month subscription to SeeBiz Marketplace

    With a regular website, you have to hustle day in and day out to find customers. But with your SeeBiz store, you get a FREE 3-month subscription to the SeeBiz wholesale marketplace where you'll get unlimited exposure to retailers from around the world.

    BONUS #2

    An Introductory Video for Your Online Store

    We'll turn your product photos and clips into an attractive introductory video that you can flaunt on your storefront to make a perfect first impression on your visitors.

    BONUS #3

    Visual Revamp to Attract Prospects

    Boring photos? No problem!

    To help your store stand out, our team will turn your regular photos into striking visuals that will outshine competitors and win prospects. We'll:

    • Edit your white background product images and make them storefront-ready

    • Create lifestyle images by turning your product pictures into professional stock photos.

    • Display and break down your catalog according to product categories and subcategories.

    The result? An attractive + persuasive storefront.

    BONUS #4

    Your Feature on Our Homepage

    To help you kickstart your online store successfully, we'll also feature your store on the SeeBiz Marketplace homepage. Because if you win, we win!

    And for everything mentioned above, You just pay $500.

    Pay $500 And Get A Deal Worth $2097

    Here's a breakdown of the deal that you'll get when your store is built by SeeBiz:

    • A professional designed wholesale storefront (Value: $250)
    • Up to 50 of your products uploaded with descriptions and other important details (Value: $200)
    • A $200 Google Ad campaign managed by experts (Value: $200 + $400 = $600)
    • A Free 3-month subscription to SeeBiz Marketplace (Value: $147)
    • A professional introductory video for your store (Value: $400)
    • A visual revamp to attract prospects (Value: $300)
    • A feature on the SeeBiz Marketplace homepage (Value: $200)

    The total value is $2097 , but the package price is $1000.

    And if you are among the first 20 people to purchase the service, you just pay $500.

    Order your professionally built wholesale store today.

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    What next when you order your storefront?

    • 1  -    Our support team will connect with you
    • 2  -    They will take your business & product details
    • 3  -    Our team will create and set up your online store
    • 4  -    We'll deliver you your store ready to launch

    About SeeBiz

    SeeBiz is an online ecosystem for wholesalers.

    From providing them a platform to run their businesses online to helping them manage and scale it effectively, our mission, at SeeBiz, is to equip wholesale business owners with all the tools they need to thrive on the internet.


    SeeBiz came into being, 5 years ago, as a result of the frustration we faced when we tried to find reliable online tools to run our wholesale business.

    While there were plenty of top-notch tools that catered to b2c and small-scale b2b enterprises. We could barely find anything that would help us run our wholesale business on the web painlessly.

    As a result, we had no option but to use the systems that were designed primarily for b2c or small b2b businesses.

    This, obviously, couldn't work for long. Because we kept running into problems.

    And, not surprisingly, we weren't the only ones suffering.

    Our fellow wholesalers were facing similar issues and needed someone to put an end to this ordeal.

    So, we decided to take the plunge and partnered with some brilliant minds in the tech and online marketing industry to develop state-of-the-art online business tools that could meet the unique requirements of wholesale business owners.

    And things have never been better.

    Today, SeeBiz helps wholesale business owners connect with retailers around the world through a robust online marketplace designed to meet the unique demands of a wholesale business.

    And now, our core vision is to equip wholesalers, on a single platform, with all the tools they need to set up, manage, advertise and scale their business online without the hassle.

    About Seebiz

    That's right! One SeeBiz account will be all you need to run a full-fledged wholesale business on the internet successfully.

    The best investment is in the tools of one’s own trade.

    ~ Benjamin Franklin

    One week from now…

    You could have your very own crisp-looking wholesale store ready to launch...with…

    • Your best products and their details uploaded
    • An attractive storefront with a high-resolution intro video, an impressive catalog, and captivating visuals
    • An up and running Google ads campaign to reach retail audiences, and
    • A free 3-month subscription to one of the leading wholesale marketplaces in the US.


    You could be sitting in your office, sipping your coffee, thinking about how important it is to have an online presence, especially now, when inflation is at its peak and a recession is around the corner…

    But you'd put off the idea YET AGAIN.

    Because there would still be no time to find the right people to make your website and deal with all the tech and marketing stuff to get things up and running.

    The choice is yours!

    Ready to enter into the world of limitless possibilities?