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Beautiful and durable, this aquarium is perfect for housing marine/aquatic plants, animals, and corals.

It is equipped with a tempered glass tank that can hold up to 40 gallons of water. Unlike acrylic tanks, our tank features two side glass panels that offer resistance to fingerprints,  scratches, acid/alkali solutions, and everyday impact.

Each panel is bonded by a German biophilic silica gel that can withstand saltwater erosion for up to 20 years.

Being transparent, this glass tank offers a clear view of the aquatic/marine organisms inside. Plus, it houses two tri-color LED lights and has a light transmittance rate of >91.5%.

Moreover, this aquarium comes with alumimum frame cabinet that houses the sump filtration system to keep the tank water clean and fresh.

A 320 GPH submersible aquatic pump, pipes, clamps, O-rings, and all other pieces are included in the package that are essential for installation.

The sump filtration system features integrated wet and dry filter media chambers as well as designated filter media dividers.

This enables a modular design that allows the user to add, modify, or customize the filter media as per needs.  

Furthermore, the door of the aluminum cabinet is hemmed for easy opening and closing. It is durable, waterproof, and rust-proof. Also, it is resistant to tension and deformation even when heavy fish accessories are stored in it.

Key Features:


  • Dimensions: 31.5 (L) x 14.2 (W) x 25.6 (H) inches
  • Material: Ultra-clear, tempered glass
  • Side glass panel thickness: 0.315 inches
  • Water capacity: 40 gallons
  • LED lights: 2 tricolor lights with mounting brackets
  • Light transmittance rate: >91.5%
  • Top frame: Aluminum


  • Dimensions: 31.5 (L) x 14.2 (W) x 25.6 (H) inches
  • Bottom frame: Aluminum with hemmed door
  • Fitted with: Sump filtration system

Sump Filtration System

  • Dimensions: 6 (L) x 9.9 (W) x 12.6 (H) inches
  • Water capacity: 10 gallons
  • Flow rate of submersible pump: 320 GPH
  • Chambers: For wet and dry filtration  
  • Design: Modular for filter media usage and customization


  • Oak White
  • Black
  • Redwood

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