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Always stay powered up with the Dubcharge V3 Battery. It’s a must-have for any vaping enthusiast who wants an uninterrupted vaping experience.

Reasons To Love Dubcharge V3 Battery

Dual-port charging:
Forget the hassle of carrying multiple charging cables! The Dubcharge V3 Battery features dual-port charging so you can easily charge using either your iPhone's lightning port or your Android's USB-C type cable.

No recharging for 14 days: Unlike other vape batteries that die out fast, this 650 mAh V3 Battery ensures that a dead battery never kills your vibe. It allows you to enjoy your vaping sessions for up to 14 days with 15-second pulls.

Charge and use at the same time: With its pass-through charging option, you can keep vaping while your device is charging.

No more dry and burnt hits with temperature control: Never experience a dry hit again with our V3 Battery that offers four temperature options  (2.5V, 3.0V, 3.5V, and 4.0V) you can choose from.

Know your battery’s life at all times: It has a color-coded battery indicator for ease and convenience — green for 100-50%, yellow for 50-25%, and red for 25-0%.

Stand out with vibrant colors: This V3 pen battery is available in five colors: Red, White, Pink, Blue, and Black.

Experience Safer Vaping with Auto Turn-Off

The Dubcharge V3 Battery features an auto turn-off mechanism that will save your coil, vaping juice, and most importantly—your battery life. Simply put, after 15 minutes of inactivity, this smart battery will automatically shut off. No more worrying about overusing or wasting resources.
"The best vaping battery I've ever used. Beautiful color, battery indication is spot on, auto shut off is a great way to save oil and battery life." — Caley.

Enjoy Up To 2 Weeks of Vaping on a Single Charge

With massive 650 mAh power, our V3 ensures an uninterrupted vape experience that lasts up to two weeks—giving you the freedom to enjoy without worry. In comparison, average vape batteries only offer a range of 90mAh to 360mAh.

"I've used over 10 batteries in my life, and this one has to be the best in terms of battery life, the way it draws, and its design. If you're in need of a vape battery, this is for sure the one to get!" — Dante.

Note: Avoid using multiple chargers at once when charging this device.