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Budzburn’s HHC Vape Cartridge is filled with 2g of premium hemp extract that contains a high level of HHC and strain-specific terpenes.

Each box includes 5 HHC vape cartridges of a specific strain. 

To enjoy flavorful hits, you can choose from our seven best strains:

  1. 24K Gold Punch
  2. Berry Gelato
  3. Grandaddy Purp
  4. Green Crack
  5. Maui Wowie
  6. Sweet Island Skunk
  7. Thin Mint Cookies
  8. Watermelon Zkittles

These carts are designed with a high-quality core and mouthpiece for the best performance and taste.

Key Features:

  • The total amount of extract: 2000 mg or 2 g
  • Number of carts in one box: 5
  • Strains/Flavors: 7

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