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Easy to use and comfortable to wear, Ratani’s Knee Strap Brace takes the strain off your patellar tendon, keeps your knee in proper alignment, and relieves pain. 
Besides giving your sore knees all-day comfort, it helps to stabilize your patella if it gets displaced during intense workouts or sports activities.
Made with sweat-absorbing, breathable fabric, this Knee Strap Brace keeps your skin dry and odor-free. Moreover, its double reinforced stitching ensures durability. 
It is designed to deliver compression to the knee joint which in turn improves blood circulation. 
It comes in one size that fits all (10-18 inches) and four colors (Black, Orange, Green, and Blue).
Key Features:
  • Fully adjustable strap
  • Ideal for knee cap injuries
  • Stabilizes patella and improves blood circulation
  • Breathable and skin-friendly fabric
  • Fits up to 10-18 inches
  • Available in four colors — Black, Orange, Blue, and Green