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Product Description

Forgot to turn your vehicle’s radio, headlight, wiper, or headlights off before leaving and are now concerned about deep battery discharge?

STRS Energy’s Push Button HD is an innovative device that is designed to take all your battery worries away.

It’s a smart switch that uses micro-electronic technology and patented software to continuously monitor your battery's power, health, and temperature.

It can be easily attached to a lithium-ion, lead-acid, or any other type of battery.

Furthermore, when the Push Button (HD) detects a power level below 11.8V, it disconnects the battery and makes sure that the electrical system is no longer driving power from the battery.

This helps disconnect the load from the battery, ensuring that it has enough power to start.

Not only is our Push Button HD a lifesaver for any vehicle (including boats), but it can also be used to store energy from wind and solar plants.

And, if you need to leave your vehicle unattended for an extended period, you can easily disconnect the battery with the manual push of a button.

So, don't let dead batteries cost you a whopping $400 to $700 in daily productivity. Order the Push Button HD today and start saving!

Product Specifications

  • Automatic disconnection at a programmable voltage threshold of 11.8V
  • Manual reconnection
  • Material: AP 66 — Non-combustible & non-flammable
  • Waterproof: IP 66 
  • Wire attached push-button for reconnection & disconnection 
  • Works on 6V, 12V, and 24V batteries with up to 200 AMP-HOUR
  • Operational temperature range: -40°F (-40°C) to 257°F (125°C)
  • Operational current consumption for type I after disconnect: 10 MicroAmps
  • Maximum peak Amperage: 1000 Amps for 15 consecutive seconds
  • Continuous Amperage capacity: 250 Amps


  • Automatic disconnection
  • Manual reconnection
  • Wire attached push button