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Our Air Stone Column Diffuser creates a steady stream of tiny bubbles in a fish tank, pond, aquarium, or any hydroponic system.
These bubbles help in:

  • Improving water circulation
  • Oxygenating & filtering the water
  • Creating a healthy environment for aquarium’s fish and plants

It is super easy to use — just soak the column completely in water for one hour before use. Connect the projecting end of the air stone with an air tube and attach an air pump to the other end of the tube.

Besides, our Air Stone is easy to clean. Simply, take it out and clean it with a brush when you notice a decrease in the bubble quantity and density.

Our Air Stone Column Diffuser is available in 9 different sizes, each driven by an air pump of 15 watts or greater.

All our air stone columns are made from carborundum, fine sand, silicon carbide, white corundum, and other high-quality materials using a machine die casting and temperature sintering process. This high-end construction makes them safe to place inside any water system for proper aeration and filtration.

Sizes Available — 9

  1. 19.7 inches — 50x500 mm
  2. 11.8 inches — 50×300 mm
  3. 8.7 inches — 40x200 mm
  4. 7.9 inches — 50x200 mm
  5. 6.7 inches — 40x170 mm
  6. 5.9 inches — 50x150 mm
  7. 5.1 inches — 30x130 mm
  8. 4.1 inches — 30x105 mm
  9. 3.1 inches — 30x85 mm

Warranty: 1 year