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Wholesale Aquarium

When it comes to keeping pets, Americans love freshwater fish.

In fact, they’re the third most popular pet in the US, found in around 11.1 million households.

This fishkeeping hobby is leading to more sales of fish bowls and aquariums.

And it’s not just homes — restaurants, hotels, offices, and hospitals are also getting aquariums in their spaces because they look nice and are relaxing.

With all this, the demand for aquariums is going up and the numbers tell the same. The global market is projected to grow from USD 6423.12 million in 2022 to USD 9952 million by 2028.

This sounds like a great opportunity for retailers. By offering aquariums of different sizes, shapes, and capacities, stores can draw in more customers

Types of Aquariums

Based on water type, aquariums fall into three main categories:

  • Freshwater Aquarium
  • Saltwater Aquarium
  • Brackish Aquarium

Interestingly, out of all the homes in the world with saltwater aquariums, 40% are in the US.

Nano Tanks Are Trending

Many millennial Americans live in small houses or apartments but they still want pets. This is why small aquariums known as nano tanks are becoming popular.

They take up less space, are easy to move around, and simpler to maintain.

So, adding Nano tanks to your inventory could bring in these customers.

Role of Technology in The Aquarium Industry

With technology, aquariums are becoming more advanced day by day.

In the past, aquariums had simple mechanical filters but now they’ve upgraded to biological filters which are better for the environment.

Lighting has improved too. Besides the common fluorescent tube lights, now there are more options with different brightness levels and colors.

For example, lunar LED lights are great for aquatic life active at night.

So, as a retailer, it’s wise to stay up to date with this technology and stock up the latest products that will attract a tech-savvy customer base.

Popularity on 3rd April: World Aquatic Animal Day

April is a good month to market your aquarium business online.

Why? On the 3rd of April, it’s World Aquatic Animal Day — a day that makes more people aware of aquatic life.

So, sharing awareness posts on social media platforms like Facebook or running Google ads during this time can make more people know about your business.

But don’t just promote in April. It's good to market all year round to keep getting new customers. Special days like World Aquatic Animal Day are just extra chances to highlight your business and get more attention.