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Our Bio Balls aid in the biological filtration of the aquarium.

Made with classic C plastic with many grooves inside, they provide larger surface area for nitrifying bacteria to grow.

Lightweight and porous, these balls keep the aquatic environment safe, healthy, and algae-free.

Inside these mini balls, there is a biochemical cotton that further enhances the surface area and helps in the filtration process.

Unlike traditional gravel or lava rocks, these porous mesh balls allow oxygen-rich water to flow through, thus eliminating the chances of clogging.

This helps keep the nitrate levels under control.

Our 1” plastic balls come in a high-quality mesh bag. Each bag contains 50 balls.

What else? Our Bio Mesh Balls are easy to clean. Just rinse them off with water and let them sit in the filtration system of your aquarium.

Key Features:

  • Diameter: 1”
  • Size of mesh bag: 8 " x 5.5 "
  • Number of balls: 50/bag
  • Material: C-plastic
  • Color: Black


Wash the bag thoroughly before putting bio balls into the pond or aquarium system.