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Product Description

Our Crystal Diffuser uses ultrasonic technology to maximize the diffusion of your essential oil and mist.

This aids in the removal of odor and dust particles from your room or living space.

Not just this, it improves indoor air quality, relieves nasal congestion, and promotes easier breathing.

Our mini diffuser is great for meditation and aromatherapy.

Its lid is either made of pure Green Agate crystals or Himalayan Salt. Plus, it features tiny slits and a central hole on the top.

It is super-easy to use — just slide the lid up, add water below the Max line, pour some drops of your favorite essential oil, put the cover back, plug-in the diffuser, and press the light button to explore different color options.

Also, pressing the ‘mist’ button allows the mist to come out of the central hole.
Key Features:

  • Input voltage: 100-240V
  • Water tank volume: 120 ml
  • Quantity of atomization: 20-30 ML/H
  • Functions: 3 – Essential oil diffuser, night light, and mist humidifier
  • Operation: Noise-free

This diffuser is available in two crystal forms:

  1. Green Agate Crystal Diffuser (Green lid)
  2. Himalayan Salt Crystal Diffuser (Pink lid)