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Relax your mind and body with our Full Spectrum CBD Massage Oil.
Packed with all-natural and 100% organic CBD, this massage oil moisturizes the skin, prevents dullness, and promotes a natural glow!
A deep-tissue massage session with this all-in-one product relieves muscle tension while also promoting healthy blood circulation and providing therapeutic relaxation.
Our CBD massage oil contains pure, natural CBD and other plant-based ingredients, so there aren't any nasty side effects to worry about.
Here’s what Heart 2 Hemp CBD Massage Oil offers:
A blend of CBD and essential oils to help with skin rejuvenation.
Deliver a therapeutic massage with just a few drops of oil for an amazing experience.
100% organic, no harsh chemicals!
Product specs:
  • Size: 60 ml bottle
  • Type: ReLeaf + Essential Oils
  • Weight: 600 mg.