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Preferred by bodybuilders, powerlifters, gymnasts, and rock climbers, our gym chalk lets you beat sweat, lift harder, and build grip strength.
It does this all by soaking up moisture from your hands during weightlifting and gymnastic sessions.
Composed of pure magnesium carbonate, this 1lb box contains 8 chalk blocks, 2 oz. each.
While our gym chalk does not crumble, it allows you to perform more reps of heavy-lifting exercises without losing your grip.
It is also useful for preventing blisters that form when you do fast, repetitive motions like kettlebell swings, deadlifts, etc.  
Key Features:
  • 100% pure chalk (magnesium carbonate)
  • Keeps your hands dry for long enough  
  • Improves grip strength
  • Each box carries 8 individual 2 oz. blocks of chalk