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Aqua Dream’s Submersible Water Pump is suitable for circulating water in freshwater and marine environments such as fountains, hydroponic systems, fish tanks, irrigation systems, etc.

It comes with an external controller that has 20 adjustable flow regulation speed options and a pause button to stop the pump when needed.

Its detachable front net cover makes it amphibious in nature. This means when you remove the net cover and install a nozzle, it will be converted from submersible to an external pump.

So, you can use it both inside and outside the water.

Equipped with a rotating ceramic shaft and an epoxy-resin sealed body, our frequency-control pump is durable, corrosion-resistant, and leak-proof.

It is available in three different powers with different flow rates.

  1. 160W pump that can push up to 4230 gallons of water per hour
  2. 250W pump that can push up to 5810 gallons of water per hour
  3. 400W pump that can push up to 6870 gallons of water per hour

Each pump measures 12.01” (L) x 5.31” (W) x 7.68” (H) and features two water nozzles that are 1.97” and 2.36” in diameter.

Package Content:

  • 1X variable frequency water pump
  • 2X water nozzle adapters
  • 1X removable net cover
  • 1X external smart controller