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While flat-palmed push-ups put a lot of pressure and stress on your arms and increase the risk of a muscle spasm, our push-up bar takes all this pain away. It is made of strong metal material that bears your weight easily while building your muscle strength and engaging your core. Featuring balanced handles with a foam pad, this push-up bar feels easy on your hands to grip and prevents slippage. It helps you avoid backaches and improves your posture while doing strength exercises. Lowering your torso onto this bar also increases stability and builds muscle resistance. Since our push-up bar is small and portable, you can easily use it at home or carry it in your gym bag for a high-intensity workout. So, if you are a fitness enthusiast who is bored of the regular push-up regime, then you must take your fitness to a whole new level with this well-built push-up bar.

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Texas, United States

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Gym Equipment

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Star Chain Corp is an industry-leading strength & fitness equipment store located in Dallas, Texas.

Since 1983, we’ve been the premier provider of home and commercial-grade equipment that meets all the quality standards and customer needs.

From free weights, fitness, and cardio equipment to rubber flooring and accessories, we’ve got everything that you need to get in shape.

Not just this, we also specialize in selling equipment components that are in the best interest of the manufacturers.

For more than 35 years, we've been committed to transforming gym experiences with products that are made durable using cutting-edge technology.

At Star Chain Corp, our goal is to offer great value to home gym users, strength trainers, and gym owners alike.
All our products come in modern designs and they are built to withstand intense workouts & fitness routines.

Also, we never compromise on customer satisfaction. So, anything you choose from our wide selection will be shipped out to you after numerous checks.


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