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Back in 2021, Tanner Gerschick, a maven in the world of organic polymer chemistry, had an "aha!" moment.

Instead of seeing a broken plastic container as mere trash, Tanner saw potential. The result? The Calculated Chemist was born – a family-owned venture with a twist on science-inspired goodies.

Our very first product, the Erlenmeyer Flask Soap Dispenser, wasn’t just any old soap dispenser.

It was proof that with a dash of scientific imagination, you can turn a regular item into something that’s both functional and sparks a conversation. And it did just that.

Fast-forward to 2022, we thought, "Why stop there?" So, we rolled up our sleeves and launched a line of lab-themed drink and barware. The reception? Nothing short of astounding. Big names like Jim Beam Distillery and Oxy Petroleum? They were all eyes on our creations.

But let's not just talk big names; let’s talk about our community:

We’ve shipped nearly 3,000 items and counting.
We’re proud to boast over 700 5-star reviews online (and they keep pouring in!).

And if you’ve flipped through top-tier science magazines like C&EN and ASBMB, you might’ve seen us shining in their 2022 holiday gift guides.

But for us at The Calculated Chemist, it's never been solely about the numbers or the glitz.

It's about our commitment to injecting a bit of that lab magic into your everyday routine. Because who says science can't be a part of your daily life?

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Buford - United States

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