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Wholesale Computers and Tablets

In today's digital age, the shift from traditional pen and paper to screens and styluses is hard to ignore.

This evolution is reflected in the current market, where everyone—from students and artists to corporate professionals—is looking forward to buying consumer electronics like computers and tablets.

This consumption pattern paints an optimistic picture of a market set to grow.

This is why the computer market reached $35 billion, while the tablet market fell right behind it at $16.2 billion in 2023.

Let’s uncover the 'why' behind this trajectory.

Products like computers and tablets are gaining popularity because they are:

  • Daily Essentials: Using tablets and computers from classrooms to offices is now unavoidable, as day-to-day tasks involve their usage.
  • Easy-to-Carry: Computers are commonly used for daily tasks, but tablets? They're the rising stars that combine functionality with portability. So, they are becoming a top pick for consumers of different age groups, from children to professionals, as they are ideal for presentations, doodles, or just some swift note jotting.

Considering all these factors, diving into the wholesale market of tablets and computers can be lucrative if you’re a retailer.

However, success mandates awareness of:

  • Popular computers and tablets
  • Offering a wide range of products
  • Current market trends

So, let’s start by taking a look at the popular products of this category!

Wholesale Computers and Tablets: Hot Products in Demand

As a retailer, success is majorly about staying updated and responsive to the trends in the market.

This is why you should stock products in demand to improve the probability of your sales.

Here’s what’s in trend:

Slim & Sleek Devices

The age of bulky gadgets is gone.

Slimmer, lightweight tablets and computers are the new norm.

Apple’s MacBook Air and iPad Air are fine examples of slim, sleek computers and tablets.


An exciting innovation, these devices promise compactness, and when required, they can be unfolded for a larger display.

Convertible Tablets

These devices can be used as a tablet or converted into a laptop when needed.

Devices like Microsoft’s Surface or Apple's iPad Pro offer laptop-level power and are a great example of this product.

These products often come with a detachable keyboard, simultaneously giving the functionality of a laptop and tablet.

Mini Screens, Major Impact

Compact devices, like the iPad mini, advocate for mobility without compromising features.

Small-screen laptops like Chromebooks and notebooks are gaining popularity, too.

Rugged Devices

Made for people who travel or work in harsh environments, these devices are made using materials that are relatively more resistant to damage than standard devices.

They are made to survive drops and keep up with industrial environments.

An excellent example of this is the industrial computers and tablets that come with airbags and are made using sturdy and unbreakable materials.

Solar-powered Devices

Tablets and computers that use solar energy to charge their batteries instead of electricity.

Eco-conscious buyers and travelers pick these devices.

Trends Shaping the Landscape of Computers and Tablets

Apart from popular and in-demand products, some other consumer-centric trends are changing the market for computers and tablets.

You can capitalize on these trends by incorporating these features into your offerings and even use them to market the computers and tablets you sell to attract more buyers.

So, here’s what is going on…

Augmented Realities (AR) and Other Latest Features

With AR (Augmented Reality) making its way into gaming, sports, and education—computer and tablet devices are now optimized to cater to these immersive experiences.

Also, features like facial recognition and eye-tracking make the devices safer and more interactive.

Moreover, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the IoT (Internet of Things) are being integrated into consumer electronics such as computers and tablets to provide more personalized user experiences.

You should have computers and tablets in stock that support these features to provide the users with the latest tech experience.

Tech-Savvy Toddlers

The increase in e-learning tools and digital-first childhood experiences has made tablets a must-have in kids’ homes and classrooms.

Schools and colleges are using technology to support early childhood development.

Moreover, the popularity of tablet usage among toddlers is so common that the term “iPad kids” refers to the kids of this generation (Gen Alpha).

Therefore, you should have something in stock that is useful and specific for toddlers, like the Amazon Fire Kids Tablets, etc.