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Bulk Play Dough

In the US, retail sales of arts and crafts toys amounted to 1.2 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach 1.91 billion by 2027 .

Within this category, modeling clay such as play dough has been an all-time favorite since its launch in 1956.

Even after 65+ years, here’s why it remains a top-shelf item in toy and stationery shops:

  1. Parents actively seek toys that reduce screen time, promote active play, and boost fine motor skills. Play dough does all that!
  2. Preschools love making it a part of their curriculum as it blends fun with learning.

So, if you’re in retail, you can capitalize on this growing demand from parents and educators alike.

Bulk Play Dough: Focus on Variety

While those classic colorful cans are great to have on your shelves, don’t just stop there.

Think bigger — add kits and playsets to your inventory. Among these, Hasbro’s Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Series is a big hit with kids aged 3 and above.

Here are some top picks:

  • Cookie creations play food set
  • Ultimate cookie baking playset
  • Ice-cream truck toy playset
  • Spiral fries playset

Besides kitchen kits, some other popular choices include squishy dinosaur toys, arts and crafts activity tables, vet playsets, barber shop toys, and fun factory deluxe set.

September & December Surge

Play dough isn’t a seasonal product, it pulls customers year-round. However, there are two months that offer even better sales opportunities.

September 16th: National Play-Doh Day

To celebrate this day, kids press and mold play dough into fun creations while adults also join in to revisit their childhood memories.

December: The Festive Season

Every year, the holiday season sees a rise in toy interest.

And particularly for play dough, the data from Google Trends (2013-2023) pinpoints a December peak

So, if you’re understocked in these peak times, you hand over potential revenue to your competitor. And that’s the last thing you’d ever want as a retailer or even wholesaler.

Tip: Mark these months in your calendar and have enough stock on hand to cater to every creative need.

3 Things To Consider When Buying Play Dough In Bulk

Here’s what to look for:


It should always be your priority. Ensure the play dough you purchase is:

  • Non-toxic – contains no harmful chemicals
  • Taste-safe – this doesn’t mean it’s edible; but if a small amount is accidentally consumed, it shouldn’t pose any health risk for children


The more sustainable a product is, the faster it is likely to sell. 

This is because, in recent years, consumers have become more concerned about the environment and they are switching to sustainable toys and packaging.

This has led them to opt for play dough made from natural ingredients like salt, water, flour, etc.


Avoid play dough that dries out quickly and breaks when rolled or molded.

Go for varieties that:

  • Can be easily revived with little oil or water
  • Have a longer shelf life

By focusing on these aspects, you can ensure both customer satisfaction and better profit margins for your store.