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Bulk Stuffed Toys

In the US, stuffed toys are a popular segment of the broad toy market. Here's why they might just be the next best thing for your store's shelves:

They are not just kid’s stuff, adults like them too; 40% of adults still sleep with a stuffed animal, even after having a bed companion.

This wide appeal means there’s a big market for plushies. This year, it’s worth USD 3500.29 million and is projected to hit USD 4557.06 million by 2031.

So, including stuffed toys in your inventory could mean great sales for your retail store. And this is true for wholesalers too who supply toys to retailers.

Now that you know they’re popular, let’s see which ones sell the best.

Bulk Stuffed Toys: Best-Sellers

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals have been in demand since the origin of the teddy bear in 1902.

But other than teddy bears, many other animals have been favorites for a long time. Based on online searches, the most popular choices among children are:

  • Stuffed Bears: 40.6%
  • Stuffed Dogs: 15.9%
  • Stuffed Cats: 11.7%
  • Stuffed Bunnies: 5.9%
  • Stuffed Elephants: 5.5%

Consider stocking these in your store to attract kids & grown-ups.

Also, vintage plush toys like old Steiff bears or original Beanie Babies are collectibles that can be sold for a higher price.

Stuffed Cartoon Characters

Stuffed cartoon characters are in right now, thanks to lots of movies, games, and TV shows.

Some popular products are:

  • Mickey Mouse
  • Pikachu
  • Cookie Monster
  • My Little Pony
  • Mario

Additionally, stuffed action figures are another hot item, especially with fans of superheroes and sci-fi series. Top picks include Iron Man, Captain America, Spider Man, Star Wars Grogu (Baby Yoda), and other characters.

Mood Plushies

Social media platforms like TikTok have made mood plushies like ‘reversible octopus’ and ‘hello kitty’ quite popular.

In fact, they’re award-winning products with thousands of five-star reviews.

They come in different colors and patterns. So if you add them to your inventory, you can draw in customers looking for interactive and expressive toys.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance to Sell Stuffed Toys

As a retailer or wholesaler purchasing bulk stuffed toys for sale in the US, it’s essential to ensure your supplier adheres to the legal and regulatory guidelines set by the CPSC.

Here’s what you need to verify:

  1. If the toy is for children aged 12 or under, confirm that they have been third-party tested and certified by a CPSC-accepted laboratory.
  2. Make sure the manufacturer or importer follows the toy safety standard ‘ASTM F963-17’ incorporated with a modification shown in 16 CFR Part 1250. This standard checks for safety measures like how well-made they are, what chemicals are in them, and whether they're fire-resistant or not.
  3. Labeling requirements of the stuffed toys must be met with information like the name of the manufacturer or private labeler, location and date of production, and detailed information on the manufacturing process.
  4. If you plan to sell stuffed toys of top franchises with trademark and copyrights like Marvel, D.C Comics, or the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio, make sure the supplier has a licensing agreement with the manufacturer. This is important because selling unlicensed merchandise can lead to legal complications.

Prepare for the February and December Rush

Valentine's Day in February and the holiday season in December are peak times for stuffed toy sales.

Why? People buy presents for their loved ones, especially teddy bears, with over 50 million gifted each year in the US alone.

So, to meet the demand during these busy months, as a wholesaler, you should stock a few months before the rush begins.

And as a retailer, you should place bulk orders with wholesalers timely. Once you’ve got the stock, you can consider offering holiday discounts to attract more customers to your store and earn their loyalty.