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Star Chain's Tricep Pressdown Bar with Rubber Grip & Discs is made of cold-roll steel with a chrome finish, making it a sleek and durable workout equipment.

With its revolving hinge, this press-down bar allows you a full range of motion and it lets you target the long, lateral, and medial heads of the triceps.

It has large rubber-coated contoured handles and end disks to prevent hand slippage and provide a firm grip during workouts.

Even after frequent use, the rubber grips wouldn't move at all. Plus, the edges of the discs aren’t sharp to hurt your hands.

Featuring an attachment point, our Tricep Pressdown Bar is suitable for use with most cable machines or pulley systems.

Key Features:
  • Cold-roll steel construction
  • Chrome-plated
  • Revolving hinge for a range of motion
  • Contoured rubber grip handles
  • Large rubber-coated steel end disks to prevent hand slippage

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