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Wholesale Hand Sanitizer

The demand for hand sanitizer peaked during COVID-19.

Not only did the retail sales go up, but this viral outbreak also raised public awareness regarding disease transmission.

Even after the pandemic, people are still using sanitizer every day. They buy even more during flu season, back-to-school time, or when there’s a new health scare.

And it’s not just medical facilities stocking up on hand sanitizers anymore. These convenient germ-killers have found their way into schools, restaurants, hotels, offices, gyms, and many other public spaces.

Given their widespread use across various sectors, selling them can make good money for both wholesalers and retailers.

It costs $2 to make a 250ml bottle that wholesales for about $3 and sells for $6 in drug and convenience stores. That’s some good profit!

And guess what? The market is still growing. Right now, in 2023, the global hand sanitizer market is valued at $1.44 billion and is expected to reach $1.76 billion by 2028, with a CAGR of 4.06%.

So, buy this product in bulk to help people stay clean.

Wholesale Hand Sanitizers: What’s Popular in the Market

Besides the usual sanitizer bottles and dispensers, you should check out newer items like:

Sanitizer Wristbands

A cool new take on hand hygiene — these wristbands allow users to carry sanitizer right on their wrists. They are refillable, making it perfect for kids and adults.

Sanitizers Infused with Essential Oils

For consumers looking beyond just functionality, sanitizers infused with essential oils such as lavender, tea tree, and eucalyptus are a great choice.

They not only clean hands but also leave a pleasant scent.

Eco-friendly Sanitizers

With an increasing focus on sustainability, go green with eco-friendly sanitizers that are free of harsh chemicals and come in recyclable packaging.

Sourcing Considerations

When purchasing hand sanitizers for resale, consider:


Look for suppliers who provide gel-based, spray, and foam sanitizers to cater to diverse customer needs.

Each type serves a different purpose; for example, spray sanitizers are preferred for quick surface disinfection while gel-based options are convenient for on-the-go hygiene.

Ingredient List

Not all hand sanitizers have the same composition. Always check the ingredient list and aim for the ones that have at least 60% alcohol content for effective germ-killing.

Additionally, be vigilant about harmful additives.


It is important to ensure that sanitizers meet the required health standards.

Therefore, while sourcing, you should look for certifications from recognized health organizations like the WHO (World Health Organization).

FDA’s Safety Check

Before you commit to a bulk purchase, don’t forget to check the FDA’s list of unsafe hand sanitizers

Why? The FDA has identified sanitizers with serious safety problems during testing.

Some are contaminated with harmful alcohol, others lack enough active ingredient like ethyl or isopropyl alcohol, and some have false or misleading labels.

They update this list regularly, so checking it ensures your sanitizer is safe and effective.