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Hands are an important part of the body that helps in a lot of things, but they also contract germs easily. They help spread germs to different parts of bodies like the mouth, eyes, nose, etc.

To help prevent this spread of germs, simply washing hands isn't enough. This is where hand sanitizer is beneficial.

People buy a huge supply of hand sanitizers, especially in the current times. As more people are coming to know the importance of washing, they are opting to use sanitizers.

Everyone, from school-going children to adults has a small bottle of hand sanitizer in their pockets to clean on the go. Big-name companies go a step further and buy huge supplies to set up dispensers in every work area to keep their employees germ-free.

Dealing with wholesale hand sanitizers is extremely profitable and also great for the health of your customers.

Why Buy Wholesale Hand Sanitizers Supplies?

Hand sanitizers aren’t just a commodity available in clinics and nursing homes, they’re everywhere to help prevent contracting germs. If you want to stock up a large supply of hand sanitizers for your business, wholesale is the best option.

Here are some of the major reasons why wholesale hand sanitizers are great for business:

Saving Valuable Time

Considering the increased demand for hand sanitizers, having a stock of hand sanitizers with you at all times is a necessity. Luckily, you can purchase wholesale hand sanitizers in bulk.

Stocking up on hand sanitizers, one batch at a time can be extremely time-consuming. Taking the demand into consideration, buying in bulk also ensures that you won't have to order frequently.

So, instead of ordering batch after batch, buying a large supply in bulk will save you time and delivery fees.

Having hand sanitizers ready for the next order is key to keeping customers returning to your business and boosting its reliability. Running out of them when a crucial order comes in can lead to customers taking business elsewhere.

Large Quantity Brings Value

Since you’ll be buying hand sanitizers in large supply, you’ll also save a lot of money compared to buying smaller batches.

If a bottle of hand sanitizer costs 3$, buying it in a larger supply can reduce the price to less than 2$. These are just approximate figures as you might be able to score an even better discount depending on the vendor.

Getting good discounts also depends on how much quantity you order and the quality of relationships you have with the vendor.

Passing On Savings to Customers

Germ prevention supplies are the need of the hour and hand sanitizers are essential products.

Depending on supply and demand, businesses often sell hand sanitizers and other hygienic supplies at higher-than-normal rates. This puts a burden on customers and forces them to buy a cheap product at premium prices.

When you’ll receive significant discounts on wholesale hand sanitizers, you’ll be able to provide them at a reasonable price to your customers.

This establishes your business as a go-to place to get products and boost your sales figures through the roof.

Tested and Potent Products

In wholesale, the products come directly from either the manufacturer themselves or first-party suppliers. Since there are little to no middlemen involved, you'll rest easy knowing hand sanitizers are potent.

Buying from the manufacturer also ensures that the hand sanitizers have gone through extensive testing. This ensures that the product you are selling is safe to use for your customers.

Uninterrupted Supply of Hand Sanitizers

Buying wholesale hand sanitizers ensures that even when supply gets choked, your business will still be able to provide hand sanitizers.

There are times when manufacturers have to cut down supply due to problems in the supply chain. This domino effect slowly reaches retail businesses and hand sanitizer supply goes short.

When you buy hand sanitizers in bulk, your business will still function normally and customers will get an uninterrupted supply of hand sanitizers. Again, this will establish you as leading hygienic supplies or general merchandising business.

Plus, providing supplies to your customers in need is also a great moral benefit one cannot overlook.

Hand Sanitizers Suppliers

Roden Surplus Imports

Roden Surplus Imports started its business operations in 1977. For over 35 years, they have successfully served over 50 states and 30 countries through wholesale merchandising.

They specialize in a little bit of everything. Their offerings include housewares, glassware, collectibles, lawn, books, toys, hygienic supplies, and gift items.

Roden Surplus promises to deliver amazing quality products that are hard to find at competitive prices. They also provide exclusive discounts and deals to loyal customers.

So if you want to stock up on general merchandise or wholesale hand sanitizers, Roden Surplus Imports is a great option.

Lee's Trade Inc.

Lee’s Trade Inc. is one of the largest wholesale suppliers of fashion and general merchandise. They are importers and exporters of women’s handbags, shoes, and even hygiene supplies like hand sanitizers.

They have a huge range of products for their customers.

They understand the changing trends and needs of customers. This is a major reason that their stock is always updated every week.

Lee's Trade Inc. strives to keep adding all the latest and greatest items for their customers to buy. They put customer satisfaction above all else and focus on helping you get what you require.

Dollar Days

As one of the best wholesale suppliers, Dollar Days provides high-quality goods to NPOs, small businesses, and betterment organizations.

Dollar Days is based in Phoenix AZ and caters to wholesale requirements of businesses all over the USA. No matter the scale of your business, they are geared towards providing you with high-quality merchandise at amazing prices.

With over 30,000 product catalogs including general merchandise and a variety of hand sanitizers, you'll find what you're looking for.

Their offerings include clothing, shoes, baby care products, hygiene products, kitchen supplies, toys, games, etc.

Whatever you are looking for, they aim to deliver a priority.

B2B Supply

Being the pioneers of the online shopping industry, B2B Supply drives itself to be your number one choice for all things wholesale.

Anything from wholesale food to hygienic supplies, they deal in an extensive range of products. Their products are also backed by manufacturers' warranty. This ensures that products are 100% original.

B2B Supply also puts up exclusive deals and discounts for its regular customers. So, add wholesale cost-savings plus exclusive discounts by them and you are all set to make some major profits.

If you are in the market for some high-quality hand sanitizers or general merchandise, B2B Supply is the way to go.

Mila Wholesale

Mila Wholesale offers a vast variety of products like cleaning supplies, hygienic supplies, cell phone accessories, general merchandise, etc.

Based in the glorious city of Las Vegas, NV, they are set on a mission to deliver the best quality products at unbelievable prices.

The owners of Mila wholesale Mark and Sam began this journey in 2010. Since then, Mila Wholesale has grown to one of the leading wholesale suppliers in the US.

After years of industrial experience, they are well-versed in dealing with businesses of every scale. So, rest assured, whatever your business requirements are, Mila Wholesale will provide the best service.

Where can I buy hand sanitizer refills?

To buy hand sanitizer refills, we recommend contacting the vendor you originally bought from as requesting refills. If somehow vendors do not deal in refills, you can always contact another vendor for refills.

Is there a limit to how many sanitizers I can purchase in bulk?

It depends on the vendor and market situation at the time of order. If there are no constrictions in the supply chain of hand sanitizers, then you can request a vendor to cater to your larger supply needs.