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Wholesale Lip Balm and Treatments

If you run a beauty shop or drug store in the U.S., here are FOUR reasons why you should purchase lip balms and treatments in wholesale:

  1. High usage rate: A lot of people use these products — over 81% of women and 39% of men. And with women using them more, the market is getting bigger. It was worth $837.6 million in 2022 and is expected to reach $1306.03 million by 2029. For businesses, these impressive growth numbers mean a chance for big profits.
  2. Doctor recommended: Even dermatologists recommend using them for dry or chapped lips, making them more trusted and popular.
  3. All-year seller: Forget seasonality; lip balms are a constant need. They protect against the sun in summer and prevent dryness in winter. A recent 2023 report revealed that lip balms, lip oils, and glosses outperformed regular lipsticks.
  4. Big sales months: Sales are steady all year, but they really pick up from mid-October to December. So, as someone in the beauty business, you can aim for more sales in this three-month window.

But today, it isn’t just about that classic Chapstick anymore. Customers are looking for different types of lip balms, so offering them choices can bring you more revenue.

What Types Of Lip Balms and Treatments Are Trending?

Here’s what’s currently in demand:

Organic Lip Balms & Treatments

Organic lip balms & treatments are now preferred over chemical-based products.

Containing natural ingredients like bee wax, fruit extract, cocoa butter, coconut oil, etc., these lip balms and treatments moisturize and rejuvenate lips without causing allergy or irritation.

According to this report, their global market is expected to grow by 7% every year from 2020 to 2027.

So, you can make a lot of money by stocking these organic lip balms. 

Lip Balms And Masks With SPF

Sun protection is no longer limited to the skin. SPF-containing lip balms & masks are gaining popularity among consumers.

They hydrate, moisturize, and protect lips from the sun’s harmful UV radiation. These balms are also used as a base for applying lipstick. 

This makes them great to sell in your store.

Lip Plumpers

Ever since the Kylie Jenner "Lip Plumping Challenge" went viral in 2015, more people have been interested in lip plumpers. 

These include products like balms, masks, and serums. They’re a safe choice for customers who want fuller lips without cosmetic surgery.

So, by offering them simple, non-surgical options, you can meet their needs for lip enhancement.

Medicated Lip Balm & Treatments

Medicated lip balms offer more benefits than regular ones because they help heal and soothe lips.

They have special ingredients such as camphor and menthol to relieve pain associated with cold sores or cracked lips. 

So, selling products that really work can make customers trust your store more.

Now, let's look at what you should consider when buying any type of balm or treatment in bulk, whether it's medicated or not.

Wholesale Lip Balms & Treatments: Buying Considerations


Choose products made with natural and nourishing ingredients as they’re usually gentler and more effective for lip care.

Avoid products with parabens and artificial fragrances as they can cause irritation or trigger allergies. 

To ensure good quality, you can ask for testers from the supplier. 


To appeal to more customers, consider these lip care products in different:

  • Flavors: Vanilla, brown sugar, peach, grapefruit, coconut, chocolate, berry, etc.
  • Tints: Red, pink, orange, purple, brown, etc.
  • Packaging designs: Tubes, mini-jars, sticks, lollipops, roll-on, etc.


Make sure that the lip balms and treatments you plan to buy are properly labeled according to their category:

  • Lip care products as cosmetics: They’re primarily intended for beautifying or enhancing looks.

    They provide basic lip care like moisturizing or adding color. They don't claim to treat any medical condition. Their label should include the product name, quantity, and ingredient list.
  • Lip care products as drugs: They’re intended for therapeutic use, such as treating or preventing dry, chapped lips, or providing sun protection (as discussed earlier in the medicated lip balm section).

    They contain active drug ingredients for these specific purposes and are regulated as over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. The label must include the product name, active and inactive ingredients, purpose, directions for safe use, and warnings (if any).

Some lip balms can fall into both categories if they have both cosmetic and therapeutic properties, like a tinted lip balm with SPF protection. In such cases, they must comply with regulations for both cosmetics and drugs as outlined by the FDA. 

Lip Care Kits — An Effective Way to Boost Sales

Besides selling lip balms and treatments individually in your retail store, you can consider buying lip care kits in bulk.

For example, these kits can include 2 lip balms (in different flavors), a lip mask, and a sugary lip scrub.

Customers like them because they offer value for money and make perfect gifts.

For sellers, this is a great way of increasing the average order value and overall sales.