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Top Tier Online Wholesale Wedding Supplies

For people, weddings are one of the most important moments in their life. It might be a one or a two-day event, but couples plan it several months ahead of time to make it just right.

Several things make a wedding ceremony successful. For starters, the food, the ambiance, the weather, but most importantly, it's the decorations.

Everything from lighting to catering and music, all need to be done perfectly to make a wedding day memorable. This is why buying quality wholesale wedding supplies becomes all the more important.

Why Buy Wholesale Wedding Supplies?

Wholesale wedding supplies are a crucial part of a 40-billion-dollar wedding industry. If you are a part of this highly portable industry then you'll know the importance of high-quality products.

But what benefit can wholesale wedding supplies from SeeBiz give you? Let’s discuss some of the great benefits of buying wedding supplies wholesale.

Saving Money

Buying wholesale wedding supplies can save you a lot of money. Wholesale benefits everyone from people who are starting their wedding supplies business to the veterans of the field.

Since you buy products in bulk, the vendors on SeeBiz will be keen on offering special discounts.

Combining the already reduced wholesale prices and special discounts, you’ll experience drastic savings in expense.

This way you can stock up more products in your inventory for the same price or simply, invest the savings elsewhere.

Reduced Shipping Costs

In addition to saving on products, vendors on SeeBiz provide discounts on delivery fees too. After your order has reached a certain quantity or value, your shipping fees are reduced or even waived off depending on the vendor.

Plus, your bulk buying will automatically reduce the times you get items shipped for your business. Reduced shipping frequency leads to further cost savings.

Passing On Savings to Customers

When people plan their weddings, one of their topmost concerns is the budget. If they go overboard, the expenses will be unbearable. Meanwhile, if they cheap out on wedding supplies, it can end up looking low-quality.

Here, couples usually try to be resourceful and find ways to fulfill their dream wedding desires within a budget? Here you can be their number 1 choice.

After buying wholesale wedding supplies at discounted rates, you can pass over some savings to your customers. This way they’ll get high-quality supplies for reasonable prices and even recommend you to others.

This is a great way to skyrocket your reputation and sales as a trusted wedding supplies business.

Quality Wedding Supplies

Most of the time, wholesale wedding supplies come directly from the factory. Since there is less handling involved in the process, you’ll get supplies in the best shape possible.

When you’ll offer high-quality wedding supplies to your customers, it’ll drastically reduce the chances of returns. It will save both you and your customers valuable time and resources.

Divert Focus to Marketing

As discussed before, buying wholesale wedding supplies saves you both time, effort and resources. You can later divert them into promoting your business.

Providing high-quality wedding supplies at such reasonable rates is a good enough word to spread around. The more people know about your business, the bigger your customer base is going to get.

Reaching higher sales figures is a difficult journey, but applying marketing tactics backed by your saved resources can give your sales a well-needed boost.

Some of our Wedding Supplies Vendors

MicroWorld Imports

As an importer, distributor, and manufacturer, MicroWorld Imports have made a name for itself in wholesale merchandising.

Started their operations in 1992, they used to supply branded IT products to the government and wholesale industry. They launched a new range of general merchandise to assist small to large-scale retailers.

They have worked with big names like T.J. Maxx, Tuesday Morning, Big Lots, and many more. Their products mainly include glassware, decorative items, and general tools, etc. So, rest assured, they'll provide great wholesale wedding supplies for your business.

Natural Star

NaturalStar is a premier event items supplier with a huge list of both wholesale and retail customers from all over the USA.

They are active in trade show participation, with three permanent showrooms in Dallas, Atlanta, and one where their warehouse is located.

They have in-house designers that help manufacture a large selection of plastic and resin items for baby showers, weddings, graduations, and quinceaneras, etc.

NaturalStar also deals in party supplies like decorating meshes, tulles, Organza and acrylic accessories, etc. It's evident that if you want to source the best wholesale wedding supplies, they are a great choice.

Ben’s Bridal

If we are talking about wholesale wedding supplies, then mentioning Ben's Bridal is a must. Since 2012, Ben's Bridal has expanded access to its products and services to reach more customers.

They offer a wide variety of bridal accessories and wedding supplies. Their best-selling items include tiaras, crowns, ring pillows, and flower girl baskets, etc.

Their staff is highly-trained and qualified to serve businesses of all scales and prioritize customer satisfaction above all else.

So, it’s safe to say, Ben’s Bridal is one of the best places you can buy wholesale wedding supplies from.

CKB Products

CKB Products deals in the wholesale distribution of general merchandise on a large scale. They have been operating from Directors Row Dallas for a long time and created a name for themselves in the wholesale industry.

They purchase large quantities of products from manufacturers at a discount and pass down the savings to their customers too.

Their offerings include home appliances, event supplies, kitchenware, and a huge variety of apparel too. And on top of great savings, they also provide manufacturers' variety to customers.

CKB products work hard to maintain their trust among customers and continue to bring new products to the market.

Warehouse Craft

Warehouse Craft is a premier supplier that deals in crafts, floral crafts supplies, and several other types of art supplies.

Their commitment is to bring the best quality products to their clients at amazing prices without compromise. It doesn't matter if your wholesale wedding supplies business is small or large, Warehouse Craft will gladly serve you with max output.

They offer a huge variety of wholesale crafts, bulk floral supplies, laces, trims, lights, ribbons, event and wedding supplies, seasonal and holiday items, and much more.

Warehouse Craft prides itself in bringing you top-of-the-line products without having any large minimum order requirements or business scale requirements. Every customer matter to them.

Their loyal customer base also receives discounts upwards of 60% on over 3600+ items.

Some of Our Wedding Supplies Categories


Creating magnificent wedding dresses straight out of a fairy tale isn’t a walk in the park. It requires the best of materials to make your perfect wedding gown creativity into reality.

SeeBiz offers enchanting tulle to either wrap wedding presents or wedding decorations.

Our more exquisite fabrics are also the bride's favorite for gowns and vials, making their big day even more exciting.

Buy wholesale tulle items which has a consistently high demand from customers.

Flowers, Petals & Garlands

Wedding decorations are essential in making the day vibrant and memorable. Flowers are key items in decorations and people use them in unique and stylish ways.

The urge to make a wedding event unique drives customers into buying loads of flowers for a single day.

SeeBiz understands the value and demand of flowers on a wedding day. This is why you can buy different kinds of flowers and wedding decorations in bulk at discounted rates.

From fresh greenery to roses and tulips, whatever you need, there’s a high chance SeeBiz has it.

Photo Albums

Photo albums are traditional and key wedding accessories. Apart from its need for other memories, photo albums help people relive their wedding moments for generations to come.

This sentiment is priceless, which is why our vendors provide some of the best quality photo albums in the market. Each photo album is sturdy and stands the test of time with ease.

SeeBiz is the Greatest Destination for Wedding Supplies

We want your wholesale wedding supplies business to thrive. This is why we only offer the best of the best products on SeeBiz at unbelievable prices. This not only helps you buy business inventory at cheaper rates but also connects you to reliable suppliers. So, what are you waiting for, in case you haven’t, sign up on SeeBiz and witness visible business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1: Does SeeBiz offer these wedding supplies?

Ans: We are a B2B marketplace and responsible for connecting wholesalers on a social platform. None of the products you see are offered by SeeBiz itself. So, to know more about specific products, please contact the vendors directly.

Q.2: How can I contact a wedding supplies vendor?

Ans: To contact a specific vendor, send them a connection request. If they accept your request, this means they are also interested in communicating with you. Then simply send a message to them through SeeBiz messenger.

Q.3: Can I order some wedding supplies as samples?

Ans: We recommend contacting the vendor of particular products directly and requesting samples. However, it’s completely up to the vendor to accept or decline your request.