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Online Wholesale Home and Garden Furniture

The furniture you choose for your home plays a vital role in increasing the overall aesthetics. It not only enhances the look of your house but also gives the best comfort.

As furniture is considered an expensive element in-home, so as a business owner you need to provide the products that are at affordable prices.

SeeBiz has got you covered in this aspect. In this category, you will find our vendors who provide the furniture items in bulk that meet the retailer’s and resellers’ requirements at reasonable prices. We have the best vendors to connect with your businesses.

Every type of furniture from room to lounge and garden is coming up in this category at a versatile range. A variety of stylish, durable, and beautiful pieces of furniture are found here.

Why Buy Wholesale Furniture Online?

Getting wholesale furniture online at SeeBiz has several benefits. A few of them are listed below:

Lower Prices

While purchasing bulk online furniture the major benefit is the lower prices. Vendors on SeeBiz offer great deals for their wholesalers, retailers and resellers. They offer special discounts than others in the market.

Discounts depend on the vendors and also the number of orders. With the increasing number of orders, prices get lower.

Wide Range

SeeBiz has famous furniture vendors having big stores for bulk furniture items. That makes it easy to find all furniture items at one place. These items are part of reputable brands. You can avail a huge collection in different colors and styles. SeeBiz has a lot of furniture items but some major of them are mentioned below:

. Beds & mattresses

. Benches & stools

. Cabinets & Cupboards

. Tables

. Armchairs & couches

. Dining set

Less Worry About Wear and Tear

As it is already mentioned SeeBiz vendors have quality products from leading brands. The investment in this furniture will last for a long time. SeeBiz has the vendors that give the warranty on all their products. This acknowledges that we have full surety about the quality of the furniture items.

Easy to Find

Buyers get irritated while searching different items online on site. If these items are listed category wise it would be easy to find the required products. Wholesale online buying makes it easy to find out the products for retailers and resellers.

Top 5 Wholesale Furniture Vendors

Four Season General Merchandise

Four Season General Merchandise is the best supplier of furniture items at SeeBiz in Los Angeles. They have been serving as a wholesalers, distributors, importer and exporter in this industry for over 34 years. They are providing high quality products at affordable ranges through online and also offline services. If you want to pick different furniture items from one place, four season general merchandise is always here to serve you.

Concord Dollar Item

Concord Dollar item is another best importer, exporter and wholesaler of furniture products for over 35 years. They import various products from all over the top brands to get the best product at one platform. Customer satisfaction and happiness is their basic goal to achieve. They are best known for their global services along with the USA.

Fred 26 Importers

Retailers and resellers can easily find Fred 26 Importers at SeeBiz based in Vernon, California. They are another best vendor having the experience of 25 years. Fred 26 Importer has made its identity in providing high quality furniture products to the retailers, small showroom, discount stores and many other wholesalers. Their specific design gives you surety to satisfy your customer.

The khazana

The family-owned furniture store, The Khazana is located in Austin, Texas. They are not working individually but also partnered with Four Hands Furniture, Arteriors and many other distributors. They bring together a huge collection of furniture, rugs and many other accessories to furnish a house. Sign up at SeeBiz, connect with the vendor and browse through all their product details of The Khazana there.

Rite Way Wholesale

Rite Way Wholesale is the importer and wholesaler of the best quality furniture products. They are working to achieve the goal of customer's satisfaction. They are also a small level wholesaler of grocery stores, clothes and other accessories. At SeeBiz you can find the latest items of Riteway Wholesale to place an order.

Some of Our Major Furniture Categories

Beds & Mattresses

Beds & mattresses are the most comforting part of furniture in your room. They fulfill the need for a comfortable sleep. In this category, Beds & Mattresses are available in different colors, design, and versatile range according to your requirements. Many vendors are available at SeeBiz to offer you discounted rates.

Benches and Stools

Benches and stools are the earliest form of sitting furniture at home or garden. You can find benches and stools in different materials such as plastic, iron, wood and other stainless steel. Different vendors are here at SeeBiz to deal you at the best price margin.

Cabinets & Cupboards

Cabinets & cupboards are an important need of every house to keep household things well-managed and well-ordered. There is a collection of cabinets and cupboards found at SeeBiz. Connect yourself from this platform and find the best product from all over the USA.


Tables are used in home and garden for multiple purposes. There is a collection of different tables at our website. You can find a huge range of tables in different materials, colors and designs. There are many vendors of tables available at SeeBiz. Visit our site and connect yourself with them.

Dressers & Chests of Drawers

Dressers & chests of Drawers are the need of every home to put things safely and in little space. SeeBiz provides you a high-quality range of these items with different colors and styles. Connect yourself with the SeeBiz vendors and buy these items for your business in bulk at reasonable prices.

Why is SeeBiz Preferable over Others?

Seebiz is the social networking platform that connects businesses at one place. Here are some features that make SeeBiz preferable over others.

. Latest Trend of Furniture

Everyone wants to get furniture of the latest trend to increase the aesthetic of the house. SeeBiz is the platform that gives a versatile collection of stylish furniture at one place. All the furniture categories are listed to find out easily.

. Several Furniture Vendors at One Place

At SeeBiz several vendors are found with different furniture collections. These vendors offer different discounts to provide furniture in bulk for home to garden, and offices to hotels. One can find his desired furniture piece easily from one place.

Connect yourself with SeeBiz and boost up your business. It is providing a platform to connect yourself with hundreds of other businesses. You can grow your profit margin by doing the best business deals here. Get yourself registered at SeeBiz to gain profitable revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1: What do I do if some of my orders are missing?

Ans: If there is any missing order, connect to the venders directly via email or phone number and enquire about your missing order.

Q.2: How can I contact vendors?

Ans: If you want to contact a vendor, simply send an invitation. Once it gets accepted, you can communicate directly.

Q.3: How many items can a buyer include in one order?

Ans: It is up to the buyer's wish that he can order as many products as he wants to purchase.

Q.4: Without being in vendor connection, am I able to see the product?

Ans: You are not able to see the vendor's profile or product without being in the vendor's connection.

Q.5: How do I get discounts on products?

Ans: It depends upon the vendor's policies and also your relationship with that vendor. The more products a buyer purchases from the same vendors, the more trust will build between them that will be the reason for some discounted offers.