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We Have the Most Stunning Wholesale Pillowcases that You Can Purchase Online

Pillowcases are an important item when it comes to giving a stylish, comfy, and complete look to a bedroom. Just by changing pillowcases, a new look can be achieved for the bedroom.

Lately, people are buying more and more pillowcases made with different materials. The reasons vary from getting a comfy, silky feel to changing the room décor. Either way, the demand for stylish and trendy pillowcases has been increased. The profitability of a wholesale pillowcase business is hard to miss.

Why Buy Wholesale Pillowcases?


One of the biggest advantages of buying wholesale pillowcases is that you get to choose from a variety of wholesale items. There are eight types of pillowcases, including housewife, oxford, bag, silk, polyester, cotton, satin, silk, flannel, and throw pillowcases. Purchasing pillowcases in bulk will allow you to buy all types to meet your customers’ needs.

Save Shipping Costs

Wholesale prices are much lower than retail prices. When you purchase wholesale pillowcases, you not save on products’ prices but also spend less on shipping costs. Buying pillowcases in bulk allows you to spend saved shipping money to fulfill other expenses of your business.

Some of Our Top Vendors to Buy Wholesale Pillowcases

The following are some of the top suppliers for wholesale pillowcases on SeeBiz:


Located in Vernon, Concord is a one-stop-shop for a variety of wholesale products. This company was established with the mission to provide the highest quality everyday products at super affordable rates to the customers. They have been serving their customers for more than 35 years.

They import, export, and distribute a wide range of products, including grocery, clothing items, garment and textile, stationery, hardware items, pillowcases, bed sheets, blankets, bedspreads, food items, bed sets, and more.

World Buyers Wholesale Gifts & Décor

Located in Vista, World Buyers Wholesale Gifts & Décor is one of the largest wholesale suppliers for gifts, décor, and other products. they offer more than 50 categories for gift items alone.

This company was established with the goal to provide the best quality products at reasonable rates to the customers. You can find all types of pillowcases made with premium quality materials from this supplier. Also, they offer a huge discount of 50% to their new customers.

EDM Products Direct

Located in Fort Wayne, EDM Products Direct is famous for offering wholesale liquidation pallets, closeouts, and more. This company was established in 2003 to make top-quality products accessible for clients.

They purchase a wide range of products from the manufacturers to provide super affordable rates to the customers. You can find a huge variety of wholesale products from EDM Products Direct. From gardening tools to sporting goods and clothing items to music gear, they have it all.

Duke Imports

Located in Angola, Duke Imports is a leading wholesale supplier for furniture and furniture-related items. This company was established in 2003 to provide the best quality home décor and accessories to the customers at affordable rates.

They offer a huge variety of premium quality wholesale products, including soft-textured furs, wearable throws such as Ombre throws, Plush Sherpa Throws, King-size Plush Blankets, Hooded ponchos, scarves, wearable throws, baby blankets, pillowcases, quilt collection, flannel collection and more.

El Paso Saddleblanket

Located in El Paso, El Paso Saddleblanket is one of the most reliable wholesale suppliers for a variety of products. They have been serving their customers with the highest quality wholesale products for over 48 years.

They manufacture 95% of their products in-house. El Paso Saddleblanket offers a wide range of products, including Southwest rugs, blankets, purses, shawls, bedspreads, hand-painted artifacts, hand-chipped arrowheads, Mexican antiques, handwoven baskets, serapes, digital print products, table mats, pillow covers, wall hangings, baskets, hats, pottery, scarves, pillowcases and more.

Other Categories That You Should Consider

If you purchase wholesale pillowcases, then you might also want to consider the following:

Quilt Bedspreads and Coverlets

The demand for Quilt Bedspreads and Coverlets goes side by side with the demand for pillowcases. Coverlets increase the coziness as well as give a stylish look to the room. You should get wholesale quilt bedspreads and coverlets in different designs and materials to meet all needs of your customers.

Blanket and Throws

The importance of Blankets and Throws cannot be denied when it comes to a wholesale pillowcase business. Everyone loves to have a soft, cozy, comforting, and warm blanket or throw, which is why the demand for these products is never going to decrease. You must buy a premium quality blanket and throws it in bulk to include in your stock.

Pillow Shams

The idea of pillow shams might seem new, but it is not. People have been loving pillow shams for a long time now. Buy wholesale pillow shams in attractive designs and stunning colors, and you can sell pillow shams and pillowcases in a package deal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: What is the purpose of pillowcases?

Ans: Pillowcases complete bedding sets in terms of both functionality and comfort. Not only do they protect pillows from dust, dirt, stains, and facial oils, but they add a comfortable and attractive touch.

Q 2: How do you choose a pillowcase?

Ans: You need to consider the following factors before purchasing pillowcases:

  • Check the fabric and material of the pillowcase.
  • Check if the pillowcase is according to your required size.
  • Decide about the pillow shams and closures.

Q 3: Are cotton pillowcases good?

Ans: Cotton sops up the natural oil and bacteria from your face and hair, and that grime accumulates on your case night after night, creating a petri dish out of your pillow. These features make cotton pillowcases one of the best.

Q 4: How do I check the quality of pillowcases before buying?

Ans: SeeBiz makes it super easy for you to communicate with the supplier directly and ask him about the quality of products. If you are still not satisfied, then you may ask the supplier to send you some samples before placing a huge order.