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Purchase Durable Clothes Hangers in Bulk Online

A person is defined by his/her grooming sense. With dust/wrinkle-free clothing, you are sure to stand out among the others.

This is made possible by clothing hangers. Our closets are incomplete without them.

You can now easily get hold of multiple-colored, stylish hangers at SeeBiz.

Why Buy Wholesale Clothes Hangers Online at SeeBiz?

Every retail store or local market out there has stock of wholesale clothing hangers.

Yet, with the expansion of the business, buying from local markets becomes a great hassle.

Purchasing wholesale hangers online from SeeBiz has its benefits. Let’s have a look at those:

Larger Diversity with Quality

Variety with quality is the key to flourish in every business. The greater it is, the greater will be your customer base.

Within the local wholesale markets, you may find diversity but at the expense of quality.

However, customers desire just the opposite. They look for variety, making no compromise on quality.

Bulk buying of clothing hangers online from SeeBiz provides a solution to this problem.

Its large network of wholesale vendors provides you with several types of clothing hangers.

Also, some of the vendors are manufacturers. You get the quality items directly from them.

Hence, you get diversity with quality all at one place.

Consistency in Supplies

The entire business is affected with a break in your smooth-running operations.

Having an ever-supplying distributor helps you keep your inventory stocked up.

Online buying of clothing hangers from SeeBiz helps avoid stock shortage. As you sign up, you instantly become a part of the huge vendor family available on the platform.

In this way, even if your initial distributor lags in service, you always have access to a secondary one.

Hence, your business supply and inventory never goes out of stock even when the supply chain is choked.

Wholesale Reduces the Expense of Capital

As a buyer, you are keen on having quality products at cheaper rates. Wholesale buying is one way to achieve this goal.

However, placing several orders in intervals at local wholesale markets leads to an increased expenditure on shipping costs.

Well, bulk-buying online at SeeBiz resolves this issue. With the huge variety available online, you can place one large order at once.

The greater your order, the more reduction in prices. SeeBiz vendors tend to offer free shipping on huge orders.

Thus, you have a win-win situation in all aspects. You get product discounts when you buy them in bulk. At the same time, you avail the opportunity of free shipping on your large wholesale orders.

Some of Our Vendors Selling Clothing Hangers in Bulk

As previously mentioned, SeeBiz provides access to a large network of vendors selling clothing hangers. Some of these are mentioned below:

TCI Supply Inc.

The vendor, TCI Supply Inc. is a wholesale supplier in LA. They specialize in packaging and janitorial supplies.

They acknowledge the fact that the demand for such supplies is an ever-increasing one. It’s become a one necessary item for maintaining cleanliness.

Their wholesale packaging supplies include poly-clear bags, zipper bags, bubble wraps, desk dispensers, caron cutters, etc.

They also offer a line of janitorial supplies. These consist of hand soaps, gloves, masks, soap dispensers, etc.

TCI Supply also offers a range of clothing hangers. Like other products these are also made of durable material for long-term use.

Their ever-stocked inventory lets you have an easy and hassle-free buying experience.

Access their quality collection now available on SeeBiz.

Micro World Imports

Based in Torrance, Micro World Imports is another big name in the general merchandise industry.

For over 2-decades, they supplied brand-name IT products. In 1992, the vendor started its new range of wholesale general merchandise for several retail stores.

Some of its products include bulk tools, home décor items, glassware, etc. Their range of general household items also include clothing hangers. These are available in multiple colors and sizes.

Micro World Imports Inc. are manufacturers, importers, & distributors to various retail stores like T.J. Maxx, Tuesday Morning, Big Lots, etc.

They ship thousands of products/week. Every order is shipped within 3 days after advance payment.

So if you are in search of quality clothing hangers and other general merchandise, do have a look at their business profile. Their merchandise is now also available on SeeBiz.

Hizho Display

Working from Los Angeles, California, Hizho Display masters in providing wholesale display accessories.

Since their establishment, they have been supplying quality merchandise at competitive rates.

Their product line consists of wholesale hangers, accessories, mannequins, & shopping bags, etc. Their collection of hangers includes a variety of metal, wooden, plastic hangers etc.

Hizho Display offers fast delivery services across the nation. All returns should be claimed within 3 days of purchase.

Browse their collection on SeeBiz. Sign up to make your purchases and display your merchandise in a new way.

Value Merchandise

Established in 1997 in Plymouth, Minneapolis, Value Merchandise is a leading name in the closeout industry.

As a largest and most respected wholesale company, they sell the highest quality general merchandise. They work with a mission of supplying name-brand closeout products at extremely low prices.

They also offer a unique collection of clothing hangers. Their hanger designs offer separate hanging sections for clothes in a single one.

It enjoys global recognition with over 10,000 retail locations worldwide. Having over 1000 accounts, they have strong relationships with professional vendors.

They pay close attention to customer satisfaction. With their excellent service, they ensure to meet the needs of its clientele.

SeeBiz now offers access to this vendor. Sign up to have a direct contact with Value Merchandise.

Some Other Categories Related to Clothing Hangers

General Household Supplies

Wholesale clothing hangers are just one of the many necessary household items. In fact, these are restricted to mostly closets and wardrobes. Customers are also in search of other items that are handy and available at all times.

General household supplies such as tissues, toilet papers, air fresheners, shopping bags, etc. are such products that fulfill this requirement. SeeBiz offers a great variety of these. Only with a few clicks, you can access them and purchase the desired items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1: Which type of clothing hangers are safer & more durable?

Ans: Clothing hangers come in a variety of materials like plastics, wood, or metal. Generally, wooden hangers are more recommended. They are durable and long-lasting and keep your clothes safe. No damage occurs as there are no sharp edges on the wooden hangers.

Q.2: What is the standard size of hanger that should be used?

Ans: Clothing hangers for adults come in a standard size of 17-18 inches wide. However, the size differs for children's clothing. For kids’ clothes, hangers should be approximately 10 inch wide. For slightly bigger children's clothing, 14-inch clothing hangers should be used.

Q.3: Are there any cons of clothing hangers?

Ans: Hangers are seemingly beneficial for all. However, they do have their drawbacks. For instance, the wooden type is a bit expensive. Plastic hangers can easily lose their shape. The velvet type can damage the colors of wet clothing. However, the benefits surely do outweigh the drawbacks. One just has to be careful in use.