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Wholesale Balloons for Every Occasion Online

Party decorations are incomplete without balloons.

Whenever we think of a party, we think of cake, food, friends, and most importantly, balloon decorations that come to mind.

It’s almost a custom in every culture now to put up balloons. It’s a tradition that everybody loves and follows around the world.

SeeBiz brings a huge variety of balloons that can add flair to any occasion.

Alongside variety, the product you’ll buy will also be high quality and attract customers.

This means if you’re running a party supplies business, wholesale is the best way to buy balloons in bulk.

Why Buy Wholesale Balloons?

Businesses have bought wholesale balloons from the local marketplace or retail store owners.

But, these methods aren't profitable and also become a hassle when your business grows.

Buying wholesale balloons from SeeBiz is a much better option, Here’s why.

Wholesale Balloons are cheaper

As you buy more of something, the price of individual items decreases.

This is one of the biggest reasons people prefer buying products wholesale.

The same principle applies to buying wholesale balloons in bulk.

Buying individual balloons is typically quite expensive and can cost you unnecessary capital.

When you're buying in bulk, the vendor is keener on providing you discounts on your order.

Additionally, you’ll deal with manufacturers or first-party wholesalers directly.

With no middleman to take their cut from the order, you’ll get the wholesale balloon much cheaper.

Save Shipping Cost

Saving money on shipping is also a great reason people choose wholesale.

Shipping and handling costs add up a lot of expense to your overall order.

Minimizing them can drastically lower your overall cost and also reduce the frequency of ordering.

It’s not just about saving money, ordering less frequently will also save you time.

So combine the cost-savings mentioned in the previous section with shipping cost savings, and you’ll make some serious savings.

Larger Variety of Balloons

In the local wholesale market, you'll have fewer options when it comes to balloon types, sizes, shapes, colors, and designs.

Having a wider variety of balloons in your business inventory will provide several options for customers.

The more variety you’ll have, the better chances of customers finding what they want.

This significantly increases the chances of customers purchasing from you.

SeeBiz, with its huge list of vendors, has always provided a huge variety of wholesale balloons at amazing prices.

With a variety so extensive, you’ll easily stock up on balloons that you’re looking for.


A distributor is a key to keeping your business inventory stocked up and your business running.

A bottleneck from the distributor's side can cause your whole business operations to slow down and even halt.

In that case, finding a new distributor can be troublesome.

SeeBiz aims to resolve that.

By providing you with a huge list of vendors, you can easily connect with multiple vendors at a time.

This not only provides a great insight into the diverse products of every vendor But also lets you create a backup plan.

In case your primary vendor fails to deliver, you could always contact the secondary one or even the tertiary one and so on.

This helps keep your business running even when there is a shortage of supply chain chokes.

Some of our Wholesale Balloons Vendors

Natural Star

Natural Star prides itself in being the leader of the party supply business.

They deal with a wide array of wholesale and retail customers from the US and countries like Mexico, Central America, Europe, Canada, etc.

They design and manufacture a huge selection of plastic and polyresin party favors for events like Baby Showers, Reunions, Quinceaneras and weddings, etc.

Natural Star also offers a wide range of craft items like decorating mesh, tulle, acrylic accessories, and even a different variety of balloons.

With over 8000 items worth of inventory that constantly gets updated, you’re sure to find whatever you need.

Check out Natural Star’s business page on SeeBiz now.

CKB Products

CKB Products is one of the biggest wholesale distributors of general merchandise.

They have a long history of working in Directors Row, Dallas, TX, and have grown into a well-known business in the USA.

They source products from manufacturers at handsome discounts and provide home appliances, party supplies, balloons, kitchenware, electronics, etc.

In all their time serving customers, their secret of success has been honesty and fair prices.

CKB products work hard to provide exceptional customer services as no one else does.

If you're interested in their wares, visit the CKB Products business page on SeeBiz now.

Concord (Dollar Item)

Concord prides itself on being a destination for all your needs.

They're a one-stop-shop based in Vernon that imports, exports, and wholesale general merchandise.

For over 35 years, they’ve served customers with nothing less than strong dedication and amazing quality of products.

Customer's trust and loyalty hold the most priority for them, for that, they provide great prices and even greater discounts.

They deal in over 30 categories that include grocery items, convenience store goods, and even party supplies like balloons and decorations.

They are available 24/7 for their customers, so if you're interested, do give their business page a visit on SeeBiz.

Some Other Party Supplies Categories

Gift Wrapping Supplies

A gift that's beautifully wrapped in an attractive cover enhances its value to the recipient. There are numerous ways your customers can wrap a gift. By using different styles of wrapping, materials, designs, and even decorations, people can turn a simple gift into a beautiful present.

SeeBiz supplies you with a vast range of gift wrapping supplies to attract your customers. Everything from different sheets to beautiful ribbons and decorations, we've got it all. So, quickly check out our gift wrapping supplies category on SeeBiz and you’ll find plenty of items to browse.

Stationary & Notepads

Stationary is the tools and imagination the fuel to create something spectacular. Different projects or everyday work requires top-quality stationery like notepads and pens. Low-quality stationery isn't durable and often breaks down in time of need.

Understanding its importance, SeeBiz brings a host of high-quality stationery items that will be reliable when in use. Every type of stationery from office supplies to school ones, we have it all and ready for your business.

Wow Your Customers with Wholesale Balloons

Balloons are the main stars of any party supplies business hence customers line up to buy the best ones you have to offer. SeeBiz ensures that your business is stocked up with high-quality balloons that your customers will love. From huge variety to high cost-savings, SeeBiz gives you several buying benefits left and right. So why wait now? Sign up today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1: Can I order wholesale balloons in Los Angeles, CA?

Ans: Yes, most of our vendors on Seebiz provide supplies all over the USA. So, wherever you may be, you can easily get wholesale balloon supplies at your doorstep. For any further questions, contact the vendor directly.

Q.2: I want to buy metallic balloons, can vendors on SeeBiz provide them?

Ans: It depends on the variety a vendor has to offer. Every vendor offers different products, so searching for metallic balloons is up to you. When you do find them in SeeBiz listings, easily connect with vendors and conduct business.

Q.3: Can I get discounts on wholesale balloons?

Ans: Wholesale is already a cost-effective way to stock up on inventory as you’ll save in several categories. However, if you develop a good business relationship with the vendor, they’ll be more inclined to provide additional discounts and offers.