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Wholesale Smoking Incense

The growing interest in meditation, relaxation, and aromatherapy has made smoking incense products very popular.

They're not just used for making homes smell nice but also for spiritual and religious purposes.

This has led to the U.S. becoming the top importer of incense sticks, with 43,594 shipments as of 2023.

For retailers, this means there’s a demand and market for them.

So, if you’re looking to add new items or just starting your business, incense products are great for resale.

Wholesale Smoking Incense: Diverse Range 

Here’s how incense products are commonly sold:

  • Sticks & cones
  • Matches and paper
  • Coils and ropes
  • Sachets and pellets
  • Copal (made from natural resin)
  • Loose powders

Out of all the forms listed above, incense sticks are the most popular. They’re a small but significant part of the home fragrance industry. Their sales will likely grow in the next few years, especially due to their role in aromatherapy.

Not just sticks, all incense products come in various pack sizes and scents like sandalwood, lavender, jasmine, rose, etc., so there’s something for every customer.

Also, think about organic variants. Some customers look for eco-friendly options and they appreciate stores that offer these.

Bonus Tips For Boosting Incense Sales

Tip#1 Bundles

Along with selling individual items, consider having pre-made bundles from suppliers.

These bundles mix different types of incense in one pack.

For example, a bundle could have some incense sticks, a few incense cones, and some sachets— all nicely packaged together.

You can market it with a label like “Aromatherapy Set: Save $5.” or “Meditation Combo Pack” to attract customers to your store.

This will make you sell more types of incense at once.

Tip#2 Incense Accessories

Accessories like holders, ash catchers, and burners not only make using incense easier and safer but also enhance the overall experience.

When customers come in for incense sticks or cones, there’s a chance they purchase accessories too if they're available. This can increase your average transaction value.

What are Some Good Resources for Bulk Incense?

As a retailer, you can consider buying from wholesalers as they often have incense of different scents and types, from popular brands to more unique, artisanal options.

But where to find them? Online wholesale marketplaces and directories list suppliers across various industries. You can search for incense wholesalers, find their contact information, and connect with them easily.

No matter where or from whom you buy the products, make sure they’re properly labelled with clear instructions for safe usage (if any).