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Buy Online Unique and Alluring Coasters in Bulk

Wholesalers whether they deal in kitchen appliances and products or involve in-home styling need coasters in bulk to meet the demand.

Coasters are an essential item at the dining table because of two reasons: first, they serve protection to the table against drink stains or burn by hot drinks. Secondly, it creates elegance and complements the dining decoration.

Most of the wholesalers are unable to explore coasters with a wide variety because of few and limited options in markets.

SeeBiz has created a separate category for coasters, and several vendors are gathered with their different themes, styles, and designs.

Wholesalers, resellers, retailers, restaurants, hotels, and any customers, can find their desired stock of coasters there.

How is Buying Wholesale Coasters Online Beneficial?

Every wholesaler is thinking of adopting online trends. Because of its several benefits, buying online coasters can be a beneficial way because of the following reasons:

Recent and Larger Variety to Choose From

If the businesses choose online buying to stock up coasters, they will be able to get the most recent collection and designs. Coasters' designs from the other states, and countries give an idea to pick the most admirable collection.

While the local vendors will have only a few designs because they are bound to specific places, the limit of quantity and time.

Money-saving Option

Online buying coasters is money-saving because the buyer does not need to visit the market again and again for getting the right collection.

Other than transportation, they have to spend plenty of time in the market. In business, every second is precious and should be spent wisely.

So, online buying saves many expenses and is safe from a loss that is specifically attached to physical markets.

Few of Our Top Vendors for Coasters

In the Coasters category, a number of vendors are offering coasters. All vendors have different designs, materials, and themes. This versatility is helpful to meet wider demand.

Coasters are available with special home decor vendors that are dedicated to creating something different for the customers. General merchandisers also deal in coasters as an essential element of every dining table.

Home Value

Beautiful designs in wooden coasters are available with Home Value. Home Value is a reliable supplier of SeeBiz with an amazing range of Home Supplies.

They are experts in providing kitchen appliances, crockery, electronics, and many other items. They constantly update their stock with new and trendy items.

Coasters are one of their categories of kitchen items. This selection does not serve the purpose of protection to the table but serves an organized look to the table.

Members have direct access to Home Value products at SeeBiz.

CoTa Global

CoTa Global is another wholesale member at SeeBiz. This US-based business, running its operation in California and dealing in kitchen, home & garden, fashion, and many other products.

They have years of experience in serving both international and domestic customers.

They put hard effort into providing their customers with quality products and the best customer services.

They have a coaster collection with amazing designs and unique patterns. Their character prints such as wolf, lion, sea mermaid in ceramic material are adorable for a class. While several other designs satisfy other demands.


Elpasosaddle Blanket is another option for the buyer looking for a great variety of fabric coasters.

They initiated the business by selling jewelry but later involved other categories of hand-woven products. By expanding their catalog, today they are manufacturing and selling southwestern and western-inspired furnishings, decor, clothes, and many other accessories.

Duty and Bonnie Henson are the owners of this business. They are specifically dedicated to providing value to their customers. They gathered designs and ideas from all over the world for their entire production.

El Paso Saddle blankets have a distinctive collection of coasters along with other products. Amazing designs and patterns in a fabric material that is highly observant give a sense of being easily manageable.

Counter Art by Conimar

Buyers can explore a huge variety of coasters with Counter Art by Conimar.

It is an expert name in the field of houseware and tabletop accessories.

They earned a special position as a manufacturer and wholesalers for printed plastic placement figures with different themes.

The Coaster collection includes different kinds of character prints, famous statements or some kind of special market picture, and many other designs.

Explore Counter Art by Conimar at SeeBiz and their unrepeated collection will match your aesthetic sense.

How SeeBiz is Better than Others

SeeBiz is a wholesale platform that has lots of features that can bring a drastic change in the wholesale industry. Other than buying and selling, a business can expand its business links to all over the USA. A few of our special features are given below:

Tier Pricing Creates Flexibility

Tier pricing is a feature by SeeBiz. With these features, vendors can set different prices according to their quantity.

So that higher volume has a larger discount. Of course, it is a benefit to deal with bulk buyers.

But at the same time, it creates flexibility in quantity for the buyers who want to buy in a smaller range with competitive prices.

Provide Access to entire US Wholesale Market

SeeBiz is the first US Based wholesale platform that gathers the entire US wholesale industry under one roof.

So, other buying and selling are connected with each other on a daily basis. Daily announcements and updates keep them alert about the industry.

Easier to Use

We experience the problem and then make solutions for it. Wholesalers want to get online but they need something with an easy interface that serves them the best user experience.

From account making to placing an order, from contacting a vendor to making an announcement about the business, everything is simple and quick with a few clicks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1: Is it necessary to make an account at SeeBiz to place an order for bulk Coasters?

Ans: Yes, it is necessary to create an account at SeeBiz. After doing so, you will be a member at SeeBiz and can directly contact any vendor there.

Q.2: Can vendors send me a few samples to check the quality, as I want coasters in bulk for my restaurant?

Ans: This facility totally depends on the vendors that you have selected. To get some pieces of coasters as samples, you need to contact them directly.

Most of our vendors have flexible behavior towards their customers. Surely you will get samples by SeeBiz vendors.

Q.3: What are the different types of coasters? Which type of material is best for daily usage?

Ans: Several kinds of material used for coaster making such as cork, ceramic, neoprene, plastic, or pulp board.

The ceramic, and cork are the best daily usage on the dining table where the primary objective is table protection from stain.

But for special events or decor purposes, other materials are more likely to be preferable because of elegant looks.

Q.4: Do the drink coaster vendors entertain small orders?

Ans: Dealing policies vary from vendor to vendor. SeeBiz has created a feature of tier pricing. With this policy, buyers can get even a small quantity of orders but with lower order quantity there will be less discount as compared to larger quantities.