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Wholesale Dinnerware and Serveware

Dinnerware and serveware products are daily necessities in homes and commercial spaces such as restaurants, cafes, bars, offices, and hotels, primarily for serving food.

Given this domestic and commercial appeal, it's no surprise that the dinnerware and serveware industry is thriving.

In terms of revenue, the tableware market is expected to grow from $47 billion in 2023 to a stellar $81.8 billion by 2033!

You see, these products aren’t just necessities; selling them is profitable. So, if you own a food service business or are a retailer of dinner and serveware products, know that this category is growing.

But how do you ensure that you have a consistent supply of dinner and serveware for your setup?

By bulk purchasing. When you buy in bulk, you can partner with high-quality product suppliers and save costs.

And what about retail outlets like supermarkets and grocery stores? Keeping up with the current market trends is the key. Let’s take a deeper look at it:

Wholesale Dinnerware and Serveware: What's Trending in the Market?

Different dinnerware and serveware products are available in the market to cater to various purposes and customer preferences.

These include:

  • Dinnerware (china/crockery): Anything used for individual portions during a meal. It consists of different dishes like plates, bowls, and more specialized dinnerware for particular uses, and comes in various sizes, colors, shapes, and materials (melamine, porcelain, glass, stoneware, or earthenware).
  • Serveware: This term relates to anything that helps you serve food. This category comprises serving bowls, platters, salt & pepper shakers, salad bowls, dessert bowls, sauce boats, casseroles, soup pots, teapots, and others. Even utensils like spoons, ladles, pairs of tongs, and containers used for serving drinks such as pitchers also come under this category.

However, the key to performing well in the market lies in having the products mentioned above in stock in coordination with the current market trends, i.e.,

Ceramic Products

According to market analysis, there is a high demand for ceramic dinnerware and serveware, not just for household purposes but also for becoming a popular choice for food businesses (hotels and restaurants).

The reason behind this popularity is that ceramic ware is affordable, aesthetically pleasing, provides excellent durability, and is safe to use in the oven and microwave as it can handle high temperatures.

So, stock up on dinner sets, bowls, serving bowls, etc., made up of ceramic to cater to buyers looking forward to buying them.

Colorful and Unique Varieties

Making a statement and adding a personal touch to the items people buy is becoming an increasing trend.

Buyers look forward to buying dinner and serveware beyond the basic colors and designs.

So, stock up on products with bold colors, geometric shapes, minimalist designs, textured finishes, or playful designs. Adding handcrafted pieces is also a plus.

Organic Options

As buyers shift towards sustainability and look forward to buying eco-friendly products—this category is no different.

So, stock up on bowls, plates, trays, spoons, and other natural, eco-friendly, and long-lasting products like bamboo, coconut timber, banana leaf, other plant-based extracts, clay, stone, porcelain, etc., to cater to eco-conscious buyers.

Disposable Cutlery

To free themselves from the hassle of doing dishes and catering to bigger gatherings, disposable cutlery is becoming a go-to choice.

So, have a stock of disposable plates, cups, spoons, and forks for these buyers.

Especially during Thanksgiving (November) and the wedding season (June), when disposable cutlery is extensively used.

Buying Considerations: Things to Look Out For Before Making a Bulk Purchase

Now, when you’re making a bulk purchase, these two important things cannot be compromised at all:

Quality & Consumer Safety

Quality and safety are paramount for items like dinner and serveware products considered fragile/easily breakable.

Look for products made of high-quality materials with proper finish and coating so they can handle frequent use without getting chipped and/or broken.

Moreover, to ensure consumer safety, see if the products show regulatory compliance by asking the supplier for certifications and properly labeled products (microwave friendly, foods to avoid, etc.) to avoid unfavorable circumstances.

Safe Shipping and Delivery

When buying in bulk, discuss the shipping method with the supplier beforehand to ensure a smooth delivery experience without damaging the products.

As these products are fragile, check if the supplier has a warranty and replacement policy to exchange/replace the damaged products upon arrival.

If they do, ask what it covers and how long the warranty will last to avoid inconvenience.