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Wholesale Smoking Accessories

The market for smoking accessories is significantly growing. Sales of these products are projected to increase from $68.3 billion in 2023 to $98 billion by 2032.

This growth is due to the traditional smoking habits of consumers who seek various types of accessories according to their needs.

Another major factor driving growth in the sales of these products is an increase in the production of various smoking accessories that appeal to the younger generation.

An example is e-cigarettes, which are popular among youth. These are perceived to be safer than traditional cigarettes, and smokers can use them with different flavors.

Furthermore, smoking accessories are available in various colors, styles, and designs, making them attractive as home decor and luxury items.

Buyers use them to express their fashion sense, lifestyle, and personality.

These products are also used for medical purposes, such as inhaling herbs to treat certain illnesses.

As a retailer, you can capitalize on the growing demand for these products by stocking up on the best smoking accessories that fulfill all these buyer needs.

For that, you should know the different types of smoking accessories that you can sell in your store. So, let’s discuss them in detail.

Different Types of Smoking Accessories

Various types of smoking accessories include ashtrays, bongs, cigar cutters, lighters, metal balls, pipe cleaners, pipe filters, pipe scrapers, rolling papers, tobacco pouches, weed pipes, vaporizers, and many other products.

Which smoking accessories have higher demand? Knowing this information can help you sell products that can increase your sales.

So, let’s explore the latest buying patterns and innovations in the smoking accessories industry.

Best-Selling Smoking Accessories: Overview of the Latest Trends in the Market

High-Tech Portable Vaporizers

Portable vaporizers have been on the market for quite a few years now. Brands have produced high-end innovative products to streamline the customer experience.

These vaporizers have great features and appealing designs. They are connected to the internet, allowing users to control the dosage of these vaporizers with mobile applications.

These devices also consist of removable batteries, flexible screen flips, and the ability for users to control temperatures digitally.

Furthermore, dynamic advertisements by smoking accessories brands and endorsements by social media vape influencers persuade consumers to buy these vaporizers.

One such brand promotes its latest high-tech vaporizer on social media with numerous user-friendly features.

As a retailer, you can capitalize on that by buying them from wholesale suppliers and selling them to young buyers who pursue them not only for recreation but also to consume herbs and drugs for treatment.

Revival of Vintage Designs

Smoking accessories with classic designs from previous eras have gained traction among buyers as Gen Zers find them more attractive and valuable.

These products can be used for smoking and as unique retro decoration pieces at home.

For example, collectible lighters, classic Italian ashtrays, and wooden smoking pipes, from old decades, are remarkable vintage pieces made with excellent designs and sturdy materials.

These products give nostalgic vibes to buyers, so add them to your stock and sell them to customers who seek them for their value.

Recommendation: Checking FDA Guidelines For Products

Due to the health risks associated with smoking, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has authorized certain products that are less harmful than other smoking accessories.

For example, the e-cigarettes and vapes authorized by the FDA as Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems are legal to sell in the U.S.

So, it’s recommended to check the legal laws regarding the sale and purchase of these products and buy the accessories that fall under the criteria.

Laws for smoking accessories vary by state, so ensure to check your state laws and sell these products accordingly.


Looking at the ongoing trends in the smoking accessories market can help increase the number of buying visitors to your convenience store, which can boost your sales and revenue.

It can catapult your business to huge growth, so follow them and negotiate with your wholesale suppliers accordingly.