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Wholesale Bottle Openers

Beverage and alcohol consumption is increasing day by day and this has naturally increased the need for convenient bottle openers.

A recent survey from June 2023 revealed that 52% of people aged 18 to 29 years consume soft drinks regularly.

Moreover, about 2.3 billion people worldwide are classified as current alcohol drinkers.

This all makes bottle openers a lucrative segment within the beverage accessory market. 

And since they’re used a lot in homes, restaurants, and bars, selling them in retail or wholesale could make you good money.

Popular Products to Buy in Bulk

Bar Blades

  • Loved by bartenders for their simplicity and efficiency
  • Flat design makes them easy to carry in pockets or hooked to belts
  • Available in a variety of colors, designs, and shapes

Wall Mounted Bottle Openers

Ideal for both homes and professional settings like bars

Fixed to the wall, providing a designated spot for opening bottles

Some come with a cap catcher to keep the area clean

Lever-Type Openers

Known for ease of use

A simple push or pull on the lever opens wine bottles and other capped beverages swiftly

Multifunctional Bottle Openers

  • Work as both bottle openers and keychains
  • Fit easily in pockets or attach to bags
  • Small, easy to carry, and always there when needed for bottle opening

So, whether you’re selling to the end-user (consumer) or other businesses, having popular items in stock can boost sales and keep customers happy. 

Wholesale Bottle Openers: What to Look Out For?

Remember that the safety of your customers always comes first! For that, always check:

Material quality: Ensure that bottle openers are made of sturdy material like stainless steel or aluminum that can withstand regular use without breaking. 

Avoid bottle openers made from materials that may rust or corrode as this could pose health risks.

Design: Choose bottle openers with a comfortable grip to prevent hand strain, especially in places like bars or restaurants where they'll be used a lot.

Avoid bottle openers with sharp edges or points to reduce the risk of cuts or injuries.

So, before making a bulk purchase, it’s always good to ask for samples from the supplier. This way, you can check the quality and safety of the product yourself.