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Wholesale Greeting Cards and Party Supplies

Whether it’s a birthday, a wedding anniversary, a baby shower, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or a New Year’s Eve party, such a celebration is not complete without party supplies.

These products help decorate the place and make it a special event.

Consumer spending on these products is rapidly increasing. This year, consumers spent a total of $14.2 billion, and projections indicate these figures will reach $26.1 billion by 2032.

What are the possibilities leading the market for party supplies to grow? Let’s find that out to make an informed buying decision.

What’s Driving Demand for Party Supplies?

Increase in Event Management and Celebrations

Once things got back to normal after the COVID-19 pandemic, the trend of conducting events and celebrations on different occasions has increased.

Consequently, the demand for party supplies has been increasing for different celebrations, and buyers are spending more to buy decorative accessories for these party celebrations.

Social Media Influence

The popularity of influencers on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok has been a major factor in setting up new trends for party celebrations.

These influencers share their experiences of celebrating parties, and their followers try to imitate them and host celebrations just like their favorite celebs.

An example is popular celebrity Kim Kardashian, who recently celebrated her daughter’s birthday, which was full of themed party supplies.

Various brands capitalized on it by endorsing their products during the party celebrations, allowing them to gain the attention of millions of Kardashian’s followers.

Rise of eCommerce

Online shopping platforms have risen rapidly in recent years, and the trend of buying party supplies from these websites or marketplaces is growing.

It’s because online platforms provide convenience to shoppers by allowing them to buy party supplies remotely, and buyers often benefit from discounted deals on online shopping. Such deals on party supplies are prevalent during the Black Friday season on Amazon and other eCommerce platforms.

Now, after exploring these growth drivers, let’s find out what are some of the common types of party supplies used by consumers.

Different Types of Party Supplies

Various products in the party supplies category include balloons, banners, confetti, garlands, gift cards, greeting cards, party poppers, pom poms, ribbons, smoke bombs, stickers, streamers, tapered candles, and much more.

But which of these products is in more demand? To know that, let’s find out the latest trends in party supplies.

It helps you in understanding buyer demand and features trendy products to attract buyers.

What’s Trending in Party Supplies?

Sustainability on the Rise

Sustainable party supplies are becoming popular as environmentally conscious buyers prefer decor accessories such as plates, cups, napkins, and ribbons, that are made with eco-friendly materials such as bamboo, and recycled paper.

By adding these products to your stock, you can facilitate buyers who want to make their party celebrations enjoyable and contribute to environmental protection by buying these items.

Popular Themes for Party Supplies

Themes are prevalent at parties, and people often use party supplies based on a specific theme.

These themes are inspired by events such as Valentine’s Day or Independence Day, or famous fictional figures such as dolls, toys, comic book characters/superheroes, science fiction franchises, and more.

Furthermore, influencers set trends for events by decorating their celebrations with themed party supplies.

For example, the aforementioned Kim Kardashian recently celebrated another daughter’s birthday by decorating the party with Hello Kitty-themed party supplies.

Pink-colored balloons, costumes, cutlery, tableware, and other ornaments were heavily featured at the event.

Inspired by their favorite celebrities, people use their favorite themes and fill the occasion with costumes, greeting cards, action figures, and much more.

Some trending popular themes for party supplies include Wizard of Oz, Lords of the Ring, Star Wars, Barbie Doll, and Alice in Wonderland.

These trends can be useful for your business if you buy themed decor accessories to attract parents who seek these products to create a memorable occasion for their children.

But to capitalize on these trends, you should also know the certain timeframes when there is more demand for party supplies.

It can help you buy stock before the peak season arrives, so you can fulfill demand and sell these supplies in higher quantities when buyers rush into your store to buy products for celebrations.

Best Time to Sell Party Supplies

The peak season for party supplies is the time when U.S. buyers celebrate national or religious events of significance such as:

  • Independence Day (4th of July)
  • Easter season (March-April)
  • Veteran’s Day (11th of November)
  • Thanksgiving Day (last week of November)
  • Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebration (mid-to-last week of December)

Events are conducted to celebrate these occasions, and party hosts buy products in large quantities to benefit from discounted deals and to decorate their parties.

A recent instance of record-breaking sales of holiday decorations occurred during Thanksgiving in November 2023, where party decorations were among the best-selling online products during the pre-holiday purchases.

This research indicates the holiday season that begins with Thanksgiving and ends on New Year’s Eve is a major event for buying party decor as consumer spending is at its peak.

To Sum Up

Follow these trends and growth drivers for the party supplies market, to entertain buyer needs, and buy your stock beforehand.

Spending on costumes and decor accessories is usually predicted to increase during the peak seasons, so having the supplies on time can be a plus point for your business.

Take a step and see potential growth in your revenue and customer base!