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Beautifully Crafted Wholesale Gift Boxes

A gift might have emotional or monetary value, but the presentation is where all it matters.

In many cultures, wrapping up gifts and presenting them in gift boxes is necessary.

These gift boxes have vibrant colors and are decorated with beautiful accessories like ribbons, bows, and glitter, etc.

They're best for wrapping up your bakery items, act as a box of chocolates, and are even used for reselling in your gift supplies business.

SeeBiz has an attractive and colorful collection of wholesale gift boxes.

They come in a range of sizes from small to larger ones to accommodate gifts of every shape and size.

Why Buy Wholesale Gift Boxes?

Buying wholesale gift boxes in bulk is the best way to stock up your inventory of party supplies. The fabulous gift box collection on SeeBiz is sure to attract many eyes and increase your sales.

Besides boosting your sales, buying gift boxes in wholesale also has additional benefits. Let's discuss some of them.

Your Business Will Stand Out From the Rest

If you're running a bakery, a chocolate bar, or a gift shop, having unique gift boxes can help you gain an edge over your competition.

How? It’s because of the unboxing experience.

Unboxing a product or a gift is a memorable experience that a customer remembers.

This means, if the experience is positive, they’ll be sure to give your business a visit again.

This is why buying wholesale gift boxes from SeeBiz is the best option.

With a growing list of vendors, you’ll find several unique and attractive gift boxes that will boost the appeal of your business.

From simple to ones with flair, whatever your customers mean, you’ll find it here on SeeBiz and help your business become memorable.

Cheaper Gift Boxes

If you buy wholesale gift boxes in bulk on Seebiz, it'll be much cheaper than getting them elsewhere.

This is because, on SeeBiz, you'll deal directly with the manufacturer or first-party distributor of gift boxes.

Since the gift box will reach you directly from the manufacturer, it’ll be in much better condition and won’t cost you as much.

Why the cost reduction? It's because, in local wholesale markets, the products go through different places before they end up on the shelf.

Each place adds its handling charges and the middleman takes their cut which increases the item's price.

Seebiz eliminates the need for a middleman and lets you get products much cheaper.

Consistent Supply of Gift Boxes

The wholesale industry can sometimes be volatile and having a contingency plan is necessary.

Sometimes, your main supplier might get overwhelmed with orders choking your supply of gift boxes.

Having low stock packaging items in your store may eventually lead to you returning your customers.

SeeBiz allows you to connect with multiple vendors at the same time.

Easily select vendors from ever-growing networks and have backup suppliers in case your primary one is busy.

Every wholesale problem has a solution on SeeBiz.

Some of our Wholesale Gift Box Vendors

Natural Star

As one of the leaders in the party supplies business, Natural Star deals in both wholesale and retail products.

Their customers are spread out all over the USA as well as other countries like Mexico, Central America, and Europe, etc.

Both the design and manufacturing of plastic and polyresin party favors are done by them.

Their products are most suitable for events like baby showers, reunions, weddings and birthday parties, etc.

They also offer a huge range of craft items like gift boxes, decorating mesh, tulle and acrylic accessories, etc.

Natural Star has an inventory of over 8000 items which is updated with the changing trends of the industry.

So, you’ll easily find some amazing gift boxes from Natural Star for your business.


Since 1999, Musthave has been an iconic part of the contemporary apparel wholesale industry.

Based in Los Angeles CA, they have a wide collection of women's clothing such as dresses, sundresses, pants, tops, denim, and much more.

They also deal in other accessories and party supplies like gift boxes, shawls, belts, and bags, etc.

All their products are created with passion and care to supply customers with only the best products.

They have provided amazing prices for over 20 years.

In these years, they’ve also perfected their customer service.

Musthave aim is to be on top in the industry while also boosting sales of their customers.

The Envelope Supplier

Based in La Porte, IN, the Envelope Supplier sells wholesale envelopes and gift boxes at amazing prices.

They aim to provide an amazing shopping experience for their customers with their products and services.

They have a great selection of unique and traditional envelopes. Different types include A7, A9, A style catalog, colored, invitations, gift boxes, metallic, and even shipping containers.

Their wide selection is backed by sturdy build quality to keep the insides safe from damage.

Envelope Supplier has amazing shipping and returns policies so do check their business profile on Seebiz.

Some Other Party Supplies Categories

Gift Cards & Invitations

Ways to communicate messages and feelings have changed over time. The only thing that’s still relevant is gift cards. These beautifully created pieces of paper hold a dear place in every person’s heart and convey affection like nothing else.

SeeBiz offers a lot of wholesale gift cards and invitations for your business. Now stock up on a beautiful array of cards that will attract customers and boost the sales of your party supplies business. Everything from formal invitation cards to fancy event cards, we’ve got it all.

Gift Wrapping Supplies

No matter the value of a gift, its presentation is what makes the first impression and it should be great. Gift wraps are essential in creating that first impression with colorful papers and beautiful accessories.

Vendors on Seebiz offer a great variety of gift wrapping supplies that will please your customers. We’ve got everything, from colorful sheets to beautiful accessories & decorations. So, check our gift wrapping supplies category on SeeBiz and stock up on great gift wrappings for your business.

Gift Boxes that Add Flair to Your Products

SeeBiz has brought you one of the biggest wholesale collections of gift boxes to please your customers. Easily find the trending items businesses are using and contact vendors to arrange them for you. It's a seamless platform that always keeps you in the loop of gift boxes that are high in demand. To start boosting your sales figures with Seebiz, today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1: What happens if my order has damaged gift boxes in it?

Ans: Since your order is directly sent to you from the manufacturer, the chances of damaged goods are minimal to none. However, if it ever does occur, you can simply contact the vendor and discuss the return policy.

Q.2: Can I buy gift boxes for my bakery or donut shop?

Ans: SeeBiz has a slew of versatile gift boxes. If you have any kind of eatery and require attractive boxes, you can easily find them on Seebiz. Simply communicate your requirements to a vendor and start doing business.

Q.3: Can I get gift boxes customized for my business?

Ans: Yes, some vendors offer customized orders. You can find their products in the listing and connect with them.