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Wholesale Gym Benches 

The growing interest in health and fitness highlights the need for well-equipped gyms and fitness stores.

And with bench press being the most popular strength training exercise among men and women, gym benches are one of the most used items.

They ensure proper form and stability during various exercises and appeal to everyone – from beginners to professional athletes.

So, if you run a gym or fitness club, it’s important to have them in your facility. 

Buying these benches from a reputable wholesaler or distributor is cost-effective as you get a lower price per unit.

This also means that when it's time to replace or upgrade your benches, it won't be very expensive.

Not just this; these exercise benches are a profitable product for businesses that sell fitness equipment.

In 2022, the wholesale sales of these fitness items shot up to $249 million, which is more than double the sales made in 2019.

This big jump means high retail demand in response to more people setting up their home gyms now than in the past.

Whether you're equipping a gym or stocking a store, having a good range of gym benches is a solid move. They're a key item for good workouts and are currently in high demand.

Types of Gym Benches

There are five major types of benches that cater to varied fitness needs:

  1. Flat Benches: These are the basic workout benches with a stable, horizontal surface. They’re good for exercises like dumbbell rows, bench presses, and many others. They also come in foldable designs that are great for those low on space. 
  2. Adjustable Weight Benches: They have a backrest and a seat that can be adjusted to different angles. This means the user can set them flat or at an incline or decline. They can be folded and stored away when not in use.
  3. Abdominal Benches: Designed specifically for targeted core workouts, these benches are ideal for crunches, leg raises, and other exercises focused on strengthening abdominal muscles.
  4. Preacher Curl Benches: These benches have a padded seat to sit on and an angled armrest. They help in maintaining proper form during bicep and wrist curls. 
  5. Olympic Weight Benches: Built for heavy lifting, these benches are slightly larger, wider, and more padded than standard benches. They often come with built-in racks to hold heavy Olympic barbells and they’re great for serious weightlifters.

No matter what kind of gym bench you’re looking to buy, you can get it from wholesalers who carry top brands like Titan Fitness, Rogue, Bowflex, etc.

Additionally, some wholesalers also carry used benches, which can be a great option if you’re looking for more budget-friendly options. 

Now if you’re wondering what makes a good bench, let’s look at SIX important factors.

What to Consider When Buying Gym Benches For Your Fitness Facility or Retail Store?

Quality & Safety

As with any fitness equipment, quality and safety are paramount.

Look for benches that can handle frequent use. This means they should have solid steel construction, durable padding, and safety elements like rubber feet that prevent sliding during workouts.

Some models, particularly the adjustable ones, also have safety pins or locks for stability.

Weight Capacity

Always ask about the maximum weight these benches can support. This includes not just the user’s body weight but also the weight they’ll be lifting.

Remember that weight capacity can differ from one bench model to another. Some are built for heavier lifting than others.

Ensure the benches you select can safely accommodate the range of users you expect, from beginners to heavy lifters.


Most gym benches are around 17 to 18 inches (42-45 cm) tall. This height is standard for comfort and optimal performance during exercise.

However, heights can vary between models, so it's good to confirm the exact dimensions (height, length, width) with the supplier.

This will help you know how much space they’ll take up in your gym or store.


Ask the supplier how the benches will be shipped — assembled or unassembled. If they require assembly, find out how easy or difficult it is to put them together.

Also, if you’re considering adjustable benches, ask how many positions/angles they can be set to.

This information is important as it is linked with the range of motion it offers to the user.


When buying from any wholesaler, pricing can vary based on:

  • Specs & features
  • Material quality
  • Manufacturer or brand
  • Type of bench

The more features a bench has, like adjustability or added attachments, the more it may cost.

Basic flat benches usually cost less, as they have a simpler design

In contrast, adjustable benches, known for their versatility in supporting various exercises, tend to be more expensive but their functionality often justifies the higher price.


It’s important to verify with the supplier whether the bench you want to purchase comes with any warranty or not.

If it does, ask how long the warranty will last and what exactly it covers. Some cover the whole bench while others might only cover certain parts like the frame or padding.

This is good to know because it can save you money if you need repairs or replacements while the bench is under warranty.

The January Boom: Insights & Opportunities for Businesses

As the New Year rolls in, the familiar “New Year, New Me,” resolution results in a significant increase in gym memberships and home gym setups in January. This is not just a shot in the air, there are numerous studies to back this up. 

According to a recent survey on New Year resolutions for 2024, 48% of the respondents said improved fitness and 34% mentioned losing weight as their top goal.

This annual boost in fitness enthusiasm means that January is the key time for:

  • Gym owners to enhance their facilities with diverse bench options to accommodate new members.
  • Retail stores to be well-stocked with the right equipment, including the workout benches that customers are looking for their homes.

But remember, the interest in home gyms isn't just a January thing—it lasts all year. By always having high-quality gym benches available, you can meet the needs of your customers.