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Wholesale Gym Plates

Gym plates are an essential weight training product, being one of the best-selling online fitness equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S.

This indicates that gym plates have a huge demand because they form a significant part of barbells and dumbbells for exercise.

These products assist fitness enthusiasts in working hard to maintain physical fitness, build muscles, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Furthermore, increased participation in bodybuilding events, such as Olympic powerlifting competitions, is an important factor in driving more sales of gym plates.

To capitalize on the growing demand for gym plates, you need to know the different types that you can add to your stock to cater to gym owners, home fitness enthusiasts, and wholesale suppliers.

Types of Gym Plates

There are different types of weight plates coming in a variety of materials and weights. These include dumbbell plates, barbell plates, bumper plates, Olympic plates, cast iron plates, rubber-coated plates, urethane-coated plates, and many more.

Adding various types of gym plates to your inventory can help you attract more customers with different buying preferences.

Now let’s find the types of gym plates that are trending at the moment, so it can help you understand buyer interests, market insights, and the products in high demand.

These products can help boost your sales!!

What’s Trending in Gym Plates

Sustainability on the Rise

The cause of contributing to environmental protection has encouraged buyers to invest in fitness equipment that is made of sustainable materials.

Equipment manufacturers have begun and increased production of sustainable products to cater to this demand.

Due to that, sustainable gym plates have become a product in high demand.

Examples of these products include sustainable bumper plates that are made with recycled crumb rubber, and technique plates that are made with recycled plastic.

So, step into this emerging market by buying eco-friendly gym plates from suppliers beforehand, and cater to your buyers. It is helpful for you to gain a competitive advantage.

Huge Demand for Olympic Plates

Olympic gym plates were a hot trend for buying intent in Google searches this summer.

It’s because these plates have better stability on the weightlifting bar and provide options to perform multiple exercises as compared to other plates.

Their strength and size make them a standalone weightlifting equipment during powerlifting competitions or exercise sessions, without relying on a weightlifting bar.

If you want to capitalize on the demand for this high-quality equipment, order them in bulk from your suppliers soon, and potentially attract fitness lovers to your business.

Peak Seasonal Demand for Gym Plates

The search queries for the keyword “buy weight plates” on Google peaked in the first week of January 2023 and the last week of October 2023, while searches for the keyword “gym weight plates” for buying intent peaked in the last week of July 2023.

It indicates that there has been a high demand for gym plates among consumers during extreme winter months and the midst of summer.

Let’s find out the reasons that drove customers to search for these products for buying intent during these certain months.

Knowing them can help you understand buying intent and purchase your stock before the arrival of peak season to entertain the demand.

  • In summer, the temperature is high, and physical activity makes the body sweat more. Consequently, lifting weights and performing other exercises outdoors in summer helps burn calories and reduce weight.
  • The perceived health benefits in winter increase demand for gym plates and other training equipment. It’s because the heart has to work harder in the winter season to pump blood during physical exercise, boosting heart rate, and energy levels.

Checking The Product Quality And Brand

It’s important to check the gym plates' quality before buying them in bulk. To do that, request a sample from your supplier.

Once you get the sample, ensure that it possesses qualities such as good strength, durability, and resistance to wear and tear.

The weight plate should be made from excellent materials such as cast iron, and steel.

To maintain good quality standards, you can also consider a marketable brand with a reputation for manufacturing top-notch gym plates.

An example is Iron Company, which is registered with the General Services Administration (GSA) and is trusted by various authorities for producing high-quality equipment.

Summing It Up

This information is useful in knowing the latest trends, and quality standards for buying the best gym plates you can sell for your business.

So, add trendy products to your stock on time before your competitors make a bulk purchase.

It can help bring more customers to your outlet to buy high-quality fitness equipment and establish your reputation as a business that keeps an eye on buying patterns and prioritizes buyer needs.