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Wholesale Stun Guns

With people more concerned about personal safety now than in the past 30 years, there’s an increasing demand for self-defense tools like stun guns.

That’s because these guns are non-lethal – they temporarily disable the attacker with an electric shock without causing any serious harm. 

Plus, they have fewer legal restrictions than firearms, making them easier to stock and sell in the US.

Here’s the stat: In 2022, the global stun gun market was worth $5.25 billion and it is projected to hit $7.13 billion by 2030 (CAGR: 3.9%).

For retailers, this growing market means stun guns are a great product to add to your inventory.

Also, they’re ideal for bulk purchases by security firms and law enforcement agencies. 

Picking the Right Stun Guns for Your Store or Team

As any wholesale buyer, thinking about which stun guns to get? There are plenty to choose from. 

Some models require direct contact with the attacker to work while others are projectile guns that shoot small darts or probes from a distance (typically 15-20 feet away).  

Moreover, you'll find both simple and high-tech options for different user needs like:

Compact & Conceal Models for Everyday Use

They’re a big hit right now, especially with young women, older adults, and undercover officers. 

That’s because these are mini stun guns that look like everyday objects such as pens, lipsticks, cell phones, flashlights, keychains, flash drives, etc.

Their compact size allows for easy storage in a pocket or purse, ensuring they are readily accessible when needed.

Despite being small, they’re super-effective and affordable for almost everyone.

Besides, there are baton stun guns on the market. They resemble a large stick or rod and provide greater reach than mini versions.

High-Tech Models for Security Professionals

These stun guns are ideal for use by police departments and security companies.

They offer greater power and extended range, allowing for effective use from a safe distance.

Some models are equipped with smart features like GPS tracking, connectivity to smartphones for emergency alerts, and data logging for keeping usage track.

Also, with features like fingerprint or face-recognition locks, these high-tech stun guns ensure that they can only be activated by authorized users.

No matter what kind of stun gun you intend to buy, you can get it from reliable wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers.

What To Look For When Buying Wholesale Stun Guns? 

Whether purchasing for retail or professional use, here are five factors to consider:

Voltage & Current

It is important to ask the supplier about the voltage and current specifications as they determine the intensity of the shock.

The higher the voltage, the stronger the shock, which can even get through layers of clothing.

For everyday stun guns to be effective, the voltage is usually 25000-30000 volts. 

For advanced or police-grade models, the voltage should be at least 50,000 or 100,000 volts. 

And in terms of current, most stun guns operate within a safe yet efficient limit i.e. between 3 and 4.9 mAmp. 

Remember, stun guns with a lower voltage range could potentially disappoint customers if they don't work as expected in a critical situation.

Battery Life & Type

Check with the supplier whether their stun guns use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries or replaceable ones.

Rechargeable models are convenient because they can be charged again and again, saving users the cost and hassle of replacing batteries.

Battery life is another important aspect. The longer the battery life, the more reliable the stun gun will be, especially in emergencies.


Make sure that stun guns you’re sourcing have a safety switch or button to prevent accidental activation. 

This is particularly important when the device is being carried in a purse or pocket.

Some stun guns also come with a wrist strap that's connected to a safety pin. If the gun is taken away from the user forcefully, the pin will come out and the product won't work.

This feature is great for stopping an attacker from using it against the person carrying it.

Also, to prevent the user from being shocked, its body should be made of material that doesn’t conduct electricity. 


Prefer products with levers and buttons that are easy to push or press.

This simple activation means a quick response in high-stress situations.

Lastly, before you commit to any bulk order, you must understand and follow the laws that apply to these products.

Legal Regulations

You must be aware of the specific state and local laws.

Know that stun guns are legal to sell and own in almost all states of the US except in Hawaii & Rhode Island. 

And in some states where they are classified as weapons or firearms, sellers need a specific license to sell them.

Additionally, in just four states (Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois), users need a permit or license, similar to concealed carry permits for firearms. 

For civilians, these products are legal as long as they:

  • Use them only for self-defence purposes
  • Do not have any felony criminal record
  • Are not under 18 years of age

So, it's important for both sellers and buyers to ensure compliance with the law.