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Purchase Premium Collection of Wholesale Fabric Online

The use of fabric dates back to ancient times. The Egyptian civilization was well-aware of spinning and weaving cotton.

The fabric holds a significant place in our lives. People have been weaving clothing from it for centuries. This cloth is then utilized for numerous purposes. It is used for making clothing, covers, mats, runners, etc.

The fabric industry is experiencing immense growth in the market. It has been estimated that the textile market size is expected to grow from $530.97 billion in 2021 to $575.06 billion in 2022.

Fabric businesses require wholesale purchases of a variety of fabrics to fulfill the high customer demands. SeeBiz provides an easy way of purchasing wholesale fabric in bulk for your textile business.

Why Should Businesses Buy Wholesale Fabric from SeeBiz?

Fabric businesses have to keep their stock full of variety to meet customer needs. Purchasing wholesale fabric solves this issue. On top of variety, SeeBiz also offers additional benefits in this regard. Let’s discuss some of these in detail.

Consistent Supply of Versatile Fabric Range

The fabric business is fast-paced and lucrative. Thus, as a buyer, you should have a consistent supply of fabric in your stocks. Any break in product supply can result in loss.

The vendors at SeeBiz make sure to be there for you. No matter the time and place, they offer full availability to let you place orders and make your purchases.

Ultimately, you receive a consistent supply of the high-quality fabric range for your business.

In-Demand Variety

Having immense variety is a requirement of the fabric business.

With the fast-changing trends, customers are always in search of new varieties. They easily switch to another brand if they don’t get their desired variety from your store.

SeeBiz helps solve this issue. The vendors here offer wholesale fabric of in-demand variety.

You can find simple cotton fabric with luxury materials like velvet and silk. Couture fabrics like bridal and fancy clothes are also available. Buyers can also find fabric in other seasonal materials like nylon, polyblends, polyester, etc.

Reliable Quality

In the fabric industry, the quality of fabric holds immense significance.

Even small damage can make you lose your customer.

You can successfully avoid this by purchasing wholesale fabric from SeeBiz. We at SeeBiz enlist products only after thorough checking of every piece.

Also, some of the vendors are manufacturers as well. So, purchasing fabric directly from them limits the chances of receiving damaged fabric. Also, all the fabric colors are long-lasting and do not fade away with a single wash.

Wider Market Exposure

For efficient business growth, wide market exposure is a necessity.

Especially for a fabric business, market exposure becomes necessary to know the latest fashion trends.

SeeBiz allows you easy market exposure from the comfort of your home.

It is a wholesale palace with thousands of registered businesses from across the US.

So, as you sign up, you easily get connected to these vendors. In this way, following a few steps, you can directly approach the fabric dealers in the States.

Some of the Best Suppliers of Wholesale Fabric on SeeBiz


Axiland is a company manufacturing and supplying high-quality rhinestones. It operates its business in Los Angeles.

Since its establishment in 2007, it has strived hard and earned global recognition. Despite their excellent quality, their fair prices are what attracts the buyers.

They offer a unique line of rhinestone fabric. Also included in this are other fabric varieties like vinyl, meshes, small patches, etc. These are often used for custom apparel manufacturing.

Axiland offers several discount packages for its customers. This makes them come back for more purchases.

SeeBiz offers an easy approach to Axiland's fabric collection. Sign up to reach the vendor and make your purchases.

Elotex Fabric

Starting its journey in 1993, in the Los Angeles Fabric District, Elotex fabric is a revolutionizer of the textile industry.

For over 25 years, Elotex has been a leading supplier of knit fabrics, dealing in fabric imports and exports.

Their fabric range consists of faux fur, velvet, metallic jerseys, mesh, lace, embroideries, burnouts, etc.

Understanding the constantly changing trends, Elotex regularly updates its stocks. It helps them meet the customers’ expectations.

With the provision of the best customer services, they make sure to maintain a happy clientele at all times.

The diverse fabric collection of Elotex Fabric is listed on SeeBiz. Visit to explore their apparel catalog.

Epic Textiles

Based in Vernon, California, Epic Textile is a fabric-supplying company.

Established in 1994, this US-based company considers customers their top priority. Much of their success is attributed to their customer-driven strategies.

With two showrooms located in California and New York, they offer easy access for businesses.

Speaking of their product range, it comprises an order woven in linen, cotton, and rayon. Knit, yarn-dyed, printed fabrics, etc. are some of the other fabric types.

They are also an expert in PFD/dye techniques.

Their eco-friendly fabrics are what sets them apart from others in the business.

For further queries, you can sign up at SeeBiz and directly approach the vendor.

Blue Moon Fabrics

Blue Moon Fabrics has been in the fabric industry for over 20 years. It is located centrally in LA’s Fashion District.

In 1999, David Rabani established Blue Moon Fabrics with the aim of selling the finest quality fabric to buyers.

With consistent innovation, it offers uniquely-designed and finely-textured fabrics. Some of its popular materials include velvet, nylon, and spandex. Each of these further consists of a range of designs, colors, and textures.

Besides fabric, it also offers vinyl materials and adhesive papers for shelves and counters.

With years of experience, Blue Moon has earned immense global recognition.

Customers are fascinated by their special discount offers based on fabric lengths.

For those desiring to go big in the textile business, Blue Moon fabric is the place of choice. You can now make your purchases by approaching it directly on SeeBiz.

Some Other Products Made of Fabrics


Wholesale fabrics can be used for a variety of purposes. Costumes for different events happen to be one of them. These are especially preferred in school plays, theater dramas, and other holiday occasions. Both adults and children wear costumes while cosplaying their character of choice. Especially on Halloween, people can be seen wearing different costumes.

SeeBiz offers a unique range of costume collections. From party pieces to dresses for holiday events, everything is available. Simply register yourself on SeeBiz and explore the costume variety available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1: How can I be sure of the fabric quality on SeeBiz?

Ans: Here at SeeBiz, every item undergoes quality approval testing. With even a minor defect such as weak threads, the piece is not listed in the catalog. So, no matter what fabric you buy, it will have strong and resilient threads, with stronger adhesive colors. Also, the texture of the fabric is fine and smooth.

Q.2: Can I buy wholesale fabric from different vendors at the same time?

Ans: SeeBiz provides you the facility of placing orders at different vendors all at the same time. One by one you can contact the concerned vendor and place your bulk order. Based on their delivery services, you can have your wholesale fabric from different vendors within days.

Q.3: Can I exchange a damaged fabric piece for a different one?

Ans: The vendors on SeeBiz offer exchanges as per their own policies. Thus, for exchanging a damaged piece with a different variety, you will have to contact the vendor. It might even cost you more based on the material quality you wish to have.