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Wholesale Men’s Clothing

With a revenue of $111 billion in 2023, the United States is leading the global men's clothing market.

Also, the market will grow at a 2.05% CAGR by 2027. But what does that mean for retailers?

Experts say the market growth increases product sales volume – providing opportunities for businesses to expand into new dimensions.

So, understanding market trends, maintaining product relevance, and navigating seasonality can help retailers and wholesalers grow their businesses.

Let’s get deep into it!

Maximizing Retail Sales: Peak Seasons

The past five-year data from Google Trends show that online shopping for men's clothing increases every year from November to December.

The reason behind this increased market demand is events like Christmas and Thanksgiving. Americans love to look presentable on these occasions, so they buy more clothing in winter.

Another force that drives the market is year-end sales, increasing customers' affordability and attracting them to buy more.

So, retail businesses equipped with enough stock during these months will be in the position to generate maximum sales and profits.

Increasing Profitability: Trending Fashion

Military Inspired Fashion

Military-inspired clothing is a timeless fashion that combines functionality and style. This trend is equally popular among both millennials and Gen Z.

Manufacturers introduce military jackets, trousers, t-shirts, pants, and coats into the market.

Thus, retailers should have diverse military-inspired clothing to facilitate customers mixing and matching these pieces with all their casual looks.

Repair and Reuse

The idea of repairing products to reuse them is gaining market traction.

Many big brands like Patagonia repair and reuse clothing to make a purposeful product for customers.

Also, Chrome Hearts’ patched-up Levi’s jeans are fetching significant revenue for the company.

These facts show the customers' interest in vintage styles and sustainability.

As a retailer, you can tap into this opportunity and connect with sellers providing such products to target vintage style lovers.

Love for Denim

Dudes always love denim as it elevates men’s casual as well as formal looks.

From Acid-washed to Stretched and more, denim's versatility makes fashion aesthetes always seek new styles.

That is why the global denim market is expected to generate over $35 billion by 2027.

Researching and capitalizing on the most-selling denim segments can increase retail or wholesale sales volume.

For instance, color is the most crucial factor when buying jeans, and indigo blue is the most popular denim color.

Athleisure Dominance

Athleisure wear is shaping the men’s clothing market. Customers' preferences are changing, and they are seeking modern clothing that suits their active lifestyles.

Thus, wholesale and retail businesses are capitalizing on this trend by providing a diverse range of trendy yet comfortable athleisure wear. This way, they are increasing their customer base and sales volume.

Opportunity for Growth: Online Presence

In the United States, online men's clothing sales increased 13.6% annually from 2017 to 2022.

This implies that the trend for online shopping is growing in the U.S.

With the continuous growth of the online shopping industry, retail businesses can expand their reach by establishing a strong digital presence.

To connect with customers globally, they should be active on social media and make accounts on multiple digital platforms.

Also, retailers can join online digital platforms for buying purposes.

To source products, they can make accounts on B2B digital platforms. Also, they can connect with wholesale sellers on online business directories, business associations, and trade shows.

Sourcing Products: Things to Consider

Sourcing high-quality clothing is crucial for the success of retail and wholesale businesses.

  • The most critical clothing aspect is the fabric – only high-quality materials can make flawless products. To assess the fabric, pay closer attention to weight, durability, weave, color, and finish.
  • Stitching is another critical factor that can enhance the finish of clothing. To inspect stitching quality, assess seams, trimming, threads, stitch per inch count, etc.
  • Maintaining a diverse catalog, including timeless and trendy styles, can help retailers increase sales. To catch up with the latest trends, use tools such as Google Trends and focus on market insights.

The Takeaway!

In this ever-evolving men’s clothing industry, a keen eye on emerging trends is the key to success in retail and wholesale businesses.

Also, with the rise of e-commerce platforms and new technologies, customers' ways of interacting with and buying products have changed.

Thus, businesses embracing new technologies and maintaining an online presence are on the edge of reaping maximum monetary benefits.