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Wholesale Plus Size Women’s Clothing

Plus-size women’s apparel is in high demand in the U.S. because a sizable number of American women, 67%, are considered plus-size.

Many retail outlets are unable to fulfill demand, but the fashion outlets that offer plus-size clothing for women benefit from it as they provide many options for fashionable apparel to this buyer segment.

Endorsements by plus-size models and fashion influencers like Caralyn Mirand Koch, Kendra Hernandez, and Latecia Thomas are also driving demand for this clothing.

These social media personalities promote values of body positivity and self-acceptance via Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms, encouraging full-figured women to buy stylish clothing.

All that inspires women to heavily invest in plus-size clothing, leading the market for this apparel to reach $12.7 billion in the U.S.

As a retailer of women’s plus-size apparel, that’s a tremendous opportunity for you to buy high-quality clothing with a variety of designs and shapes, and provide more options to buyers to gain a competitive advantage.

Finding out buying patterns in this category can be helpful for you in buying trendy clothing which can help bring more buyers to your store. So, let’s dive in and explore these trends.

Hottest Trends in Plus-Size Fashion: Nostalgia and Sustainability on the Rise

Revival of Vintage Fashion

Vintage fashion styles have seen a revival in all segments of clothing. Plus-size women’s clothing is no different.

Fashion brands have reintroduced cargo pants, wide-leg pants, and Y2K-style blue jeans with shirts, to facilitate buyer demand for retro plus-size clothing.

As a retailer, it’s a great opportunity for you to capitalize on clothing for sizes over 18 and buy a variety of retro clothing from wholesale suppliers.

It can help you gain a competitive edge in a market where most retailers are unable to offer much variety for plus-size buyers, and potentially increase buyers at your store.

Sustainable Practices

Like all other industries, the plus-size women’s clothing market is also embracing sustainability to cater to buyers who seek eco-friendly apparel for environmental protection.

Fashion brands work to produce vibrant plus-size clothing for women using harmless chemicals and organic or recycled fabric materials.

You can take advantage of the emerging fashion trend in this category by buying this apparel for women who look to embrace style and sustainability.

Demand for Metallic Dressing

The metallic plus-size women’s clothing is a glamorous outfit that can make one attractive and stand out among others.

An example is plus-size sequin jackets or metallic mini skirts, which are elegant dresses that add grace to a woman’s overall personality.

Due to the number of shiny metals used to produce them, these are costly and can help you generate higher profits.

So, buy metallic plus-size dresses for buyers who want a chic appearance, and catapult your business to growth.

Having explored these trends, now let’s find the different types of plus-size women’s clothing that you can buy from wholesale suppliers and offer to your customers.

What Plus-Size Women’s Clothing You Can Buy And Sell?

As a retailer, the different types of plus-size women’s clothing that you can buy from wholesale suppliers are activewear, coats, frocks, jackets, jumpsuits, mini dresses, lingerie, shirts, shorts, and much more.

Having a variety of products with different colors and designs in your stock can help you attract numerous buyers, which can help increase your customers and sales.


Adding trendy plus-size women’s clothing of different types can help attract buyers who are looking for new fashion trends at a time when there is a shortage of options at many retail outlets.

So, buying wholesale stock of trendy plus-size women’s apparel is a smart investment for your business to keep them visiting your store and making purchases.