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Wholesale Boys Jackets

As the temperature drops, the winter wear market heats up.

In 2022, this market was worth a staggering $285 billion. And it’s projected to get even bigger with another $10 billion over the next five years.

This remarkable growth paves the way for different segments to flourish and ‘boys jackets’ is one such segment that’s worth exploring.

In 2022, the US was the second-largest revenue contributor in the jackets and coats segment, cashing in almost $13.9 billion .

So, as someone in the retail business, this means one thing: A great OPPORTUNITY to capture market share and grow!

And this comes down to one thing — sourcing the latest in jackets either from wholesalers or manufacturers.

Tips On How to Choose the Best Products From the Boys Jackets Category

For retailers, maximizing profitability in this niche requires in-depth research and strategic decision-making.

You should:

Prioritize Quality

Premium quality is the key as it builds customer satisfaction which can potentially increase your profits.

Before buying boys’ jackets in bulk, request samples and look for:

  • Fabric quality
  • Seams
  • Stitching
  • Zippers, buttons, or other relevant details

Consider Range & Fit

To cater to different customers’ preferences, you should offer a wide range of styles, colors, sizes, and materials.

Capitalize on Trends

Keep an eye out for the latest market trends. This will help you stock up on items that are likely to sell well.

Here’s what’s hot in the market:

  • Leather Jackets

These are popular among boys as they not only provide warmth but also add a stylish touch to any outfit.

The global market for leather jackets is projected to rise at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 6% over the 2021-2026 period.

This suggests they are a promising product with good sales potential and demand.

  • Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are gaining traction among boys for being stylish, lightweight, and comfortable. Also, these jackets provide protection against cold, wind, or rain.

So, purchasing bomber jackets could open up new growth avenues for your business.

  • Life Jackets

An increase in recreational boating and aquatic activities has boosted the demand for life jackets.

They serve as a vital safety product, reducing the risk of drowning. Moreover, maritime workers wear these jackets to adhere to the safety protocols.

If you’re a wholesaler or retailer, pay close attention :

  1. By type: Non-inflatable life jackets are leading the charge.
  2. By material: Nylon segment raked in $537.6 million in 2021 and is projected to hit $999.4 million. Why? It’s all about durability and elasticity.
  3. By end use: Water sport segment is where the cash is flowing.

So, incorporating these jackets into your inventory can set your business up for decent profits.

Set Your Profit Margin

Estimate potential profitability before buying boys' jackets in larger quantities.

Negotiate with the supplier for a low price per unit or ask them for volume-based discounts and deals.

Remember, the more you buy, the more you save!

Get Ready For The Rush: Stock Wholesale Boys Jackets For the Oct-Nov Boom

The Google trends data of the past 5 years indicate a consistent pattern in interest for boys’ jackets, peaking during October & November in the US.

This is likely due to the onset of colder weather when jackets become a necessity for warmth and protection.

So, how do you prepare for this seasonal rush? Don’t wait till Oct – it’s too late. Get those jackets in by August and September.

This aligns with the data from Statista which shows that leading apparel retailers in the US introduced over 32500 new outwear styles in these months in 2022.

And let’s be clear: The demand for boys’ jackets doesn’t fall once November ends. People are still going to want jackets in December or January.

So, you must ensure you’ve enough stock to last through the entire winter season.

This means a wholesaler’s move is even earlier. To meet this retail demand, you’ve got to plan your inventory around June or July.

This gives you ample time to source jackets of the latest styles, sort out shipping, and be a dependable supplier for retailers during the peak season.

Let’s drill down a bit further: The regional analysis uncovers that New York and Mississippi are leading the pack.

With this insight, you can tailor your marketing and sales strategies to those who are specifically searching for products in your category.

Bottom line: It’s all about being in the right place at the right time with the right product!