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Fashion trends tend to change daily. While these are different for both men and women, there are some clothing pieces that go well for both.

Unisex clothing is equally, if not more, trendy in the market as others. For instance, unisex t-shirts are a part of the wardrobe of both genders.

Such shirts are loose-styled, simple, and basic tops. They are often paired with jeans. Sometimes, they are also custom printed with the desired logos. Unisex t-shirts are best for screen printing.

Unisex t-shirts come in common colors such as black, white, navy blue, dark green, maroon, etc.

Unisex Bandanas

Unisex clothing includes a huge array of clothing for both men and women. Unisex bandanas are another item among all others. Adults often use these for covering their heads in summer. Men also wear these to look cool.

Unisex T-Shirts Wholesalers

Peace summerFrogs

In 1985, Catesby Jones established Peace Frogs in Gloucester, Virginia.

The business started off with the manufacturing of flag shorts. Later, it added a whole new clothing range to its apparel collection.

Its clothing line also consists of unisex t-shirts. They have free-style T-shirts in exciting colors. The shirts also come printed with animals, logos & quotes that further attract the customers’ attention.

Apart from other clothing items, unisex t-shirts are one attention-grabbing item in its clothing line. They offer plain T-shirts in common colors such as blue, black, white, gray, etc. Often these have a single printed logo in a corner. Such plain t-shirts are commonly used for screen printing.