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Wholesale Men Jeans

Jeans are a constant hit in men’s fashion, no matter the season or changing trends.

According to recent polling data, over half of the US adults (57%) wear jeans regularly, making them a solid option for apparel retailers.

The market stats are convincing too. The jeans market size is expected to grow from US $101.94 billion in 2023 to US $125.10 billion by 2028.

And North America will be leading in revenue during the forecast period 2023-2028.

So, selling jeans means tapping into the consistent demand for a product that people always look for.

3 Tips On How to Choose the Best Jeans for Bulk Purchase

Prioritize Quality

When it comes to jeans or any other clothing item, quality matters the most. It builds customer satisfaction and increases your chances of sales.

So, before ordering a large quantity, request samples from the supplier to check the fabric quality, stitching, and other details like buttons, zippers, etc.

Consider a Wide Range (From Luxury to Affordable)

Including well-known brands like American Eagle, Gap, Gucci, Levi’s, Diesel, etc., can attract their loyal customers to your store.

In the US, these five jeans brands were the most searched on Google from May 2022 to April 2023.

Important: To stock & sell these popular brands in your store, you'll typically need a business relationship with them or their distributors.

This means becoming an authorized retailer, which involves filling out applications, signing agreements, and adhering to their policies.

Also, remember, not everyone shops for jeans at brand stores. Especially during this inflation, some are trading down to lesser-known labels. They're often just as good but more affordable.


So, by having them in your store, you can cater to customers who don’t want to spend much.

Capitalize on Trends

Since manufacturers are continuously introducing new fits, colors, and styles to the market, people are now exploring beyond those classic blue and black jeans.

Here’s what’s in trend:

  • Baggy Jeans

Baggy jeans are making a comeback. And Google Trends confirms this — more people have been searching for this loose-fit style recently.

This suggests they are an in-demand product with good sales potential.

  • Distressed/Ripped Jeans

These jeans are popular among men because of their style and the way they stand out.

So, offering jeans with different kinds of rips, you can really appeal to younger customers like Gen Z and millennials.

  • Biker Jeans (also called moto jeans)

They are gaining traction for their cool, streetwise look. They often fit snugly and have special details like fabric patches on the knee and thigh area.

These biker jeans are a hit with younger guys, especially those who like a bold style.

What to do: Stock classic and modern jeans in a range of sizes to accommodate all body types.

Impact of Sustainability in the Jeans Market

Most jeans are made from denim which is a strong, cotton twill fabric but it’s not sustainable and has a negative impact on the environment.

The whole process, from growing cotton to making and shipping jeans, uses a lot of resources.

This includes immense water usage (around 1800 gallons to grow enough cotton for a single pair of jeans), the use of harmful dyes, and a lot of energy (leading to increased carbon emissions).

In response to these environmental concerns, now brands like Levi’s are switching from conventionally grown cotton to hemp-cotton blend — a material that requires less water in the manufacturing process and is eco-friendly.


So, as a retailer, you should be aware of this impact. Consider adding jeans made of sustainable fabric to your shelves and share a green message with your customers.