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Wholesale Women's Scarves

Women's scarves remain a timeless favorite in the vast universe of fashion accessories, where various items like jewelry, hats, and belts vie for attention.

Their appeal transcends seasons and trends, making them a staple in wardrobes worldwide.

Reinforcing this claim, data shows that the global scarf market is growing impressively and is projected to reach $3.2 billion by 2030.

But why should retailers and wholesalers invest in women's scarves?

Reasons to Stock Up on Women's Scarves

Here's why:

Evergreen Demand

Scarves have a rich history, being utilized for warmth, fashion, or religious purposes.

Their consistent demand over the years is a testament to their enduring charm, with data from Google Trends further attesting to their popularity.

A Market on the Rise

As of 2022, North America has been recognized as a significant contributor to scarf sales.

Forecasts for the overall scarf market predict a climb from $21,274.1 million to $31,512.4 million by 2028.

For retailers, this translates to increased customer interest and an opportunity to generate high profits.

Varied Price Points

This category comprises both affordable and luxury scarves. However, research shows that luxury scarves are gaining popularity.

And North America holds the maximum share in the luxury scarves market owing to the rising fashion industry and the high spending capacity of people in the U.S.

So, by stocking both affordable and high-end scarf options, retailers can cater to a broad customer base, from those seeking budget-friendly options to luxury seekers.


Scarves can be adaptable and eco-friendly, too!

Depending on the material, many scarves leave a lighter carbon footprint, catering to the growing audience of environmentally-conscious consumers.

So, whether you own a fashion boutique or an online fashion retailer, women's scarves are not merely fashion items. They're often bought in multiples, and you can expect continuous sales.

Even if you are a wholesaler, you can generate sales by supplying these products to retailers and other businesses.

Top Products in the Scarves Category

The market generally comprises:

  • Cashmere Scarves: Renowned for their luxurious feel and warmth.
  • Cotton Scarves: Light, breathable, and perfect for all seasons.
  • Silk Scarves: Signifying elegance, they're ideal for formal settings.
  • Woolen Scarves: The go-to for chilly climates, ensuring warmth.
  • Blended Scarves: Combining the best materials, offering style and comfort.

You can cater to a diverse customer base by stocking up on all these products.

Moreover, if you look at the Google Trends data for women's scarves, although the demand is there all year round, the popularity peaks from mid-October to mid-January every year.

This shows that there is a season-driven demand for scarves during the winter.

So, to capture this audience, retailers should look into scarves made of faux fur, linen, merino, and other trending winter-friendly materials.

Understanding the Women's Scarf Market Dynamics: E-commerce Advantage

Research shows that in 2021, scarves were the world's 656th most traded product, witnessing a growth of 5.8% from the previous year.

Currently, trading in scarves represents 0.014% of the total world trade.

And with online shopping on the rise, retailers can tap a global audience by selling products from this category online. This can increase their sales!

Therefore, investing in the wholesale women's scarves market holds immense promise for retailers and wholesalers.

With evolving fashion trends, scarves remain a consistent favorite, promising both style and good business returns.