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Wholesale Women's Cardigans

The outerwear clothing industry is gaining popularity day by day.

In fact, fashion trends like wearing outdoor apparel among women for outdoor activities were expected to boost the outerwear segment in 2022.

And when it comes to outerwear, women's cardigans are very trendy these days as comfort has become the new style statement.

Due to this, there was an increase in the trade of cotton pullovers, cardigans, etc., from $23.4 billion to $30.6 billion between 2020 and 2021.

So, you see the demand is there for women's cardigans. And as a retailer, you should choose the best cardigans with different styles, fits, and cuts for your store.

Popular Wholesale Women's Cardigans: Different Types

Based on style and cut:

  • Belted cardigan: has an attached belt for closure.
  • Cropped cardigan: ends above the belly button.
  • Open front cardigan: has no front closure.
  • Bolero cardigan: are short or end above the chest.
  • Boyfriend cardigan: has a loose fit and resembles men's style.
  • Buttoned cardigan: has a buttoned closure.
  • Draped cardigan: has a slouchy draped look.
  • Hooded cardigan: comes with an attached hood.
  • Vest style cardigan: looks like a vest.
  • Wrapped cardigan: wraps around the waist.
  • Zipped front cardigan: has a zipper closure.

Based on trends:

Long Cardigans

Long cardigans have been popular throughout the years but recently have made a comeback among Gen-Z, due to celebrities endorsing them in their everyday looks.

So, adding these to your retail shelves can help you attract a younger customer base because that is where the money is!

According to a 2022 survey, two-fifths of female Gen Z consumers shopped for apparel one to two times a month.

Crochet Cardigans

Crochet has become a top trend in the fashion industry since the past year now.

In fact, the popularity of the web search term for crochet clothing has increased even more in 2023.

So, clothing made from this material, like cardigans, has been trending among consumers in the winter season as this fabric is not just stylish but has insulation qualities. Which makes it the perfect addition to your inventory!

Oversized Cardigans

These have been trending among women ever since comfort became the fundamental aspect of style.

So, if you own a boutique, then these oversized style cardigans will be a great addition to your store as they will attract women of different size preferences.

Tip: Offering matching two-piece sets, including a tube top and a cardigan, can increase the chances of sales or customer interest.

How to Maximize Profits from Selling Cardigans?

As a retailer, you should:

Sell Season Wise

Cardigans are in demand throughout the year. However, when it comes to the changing seasons, each season has a demand for cardigans made from different materials.

Cardigans made from breathable cotton fabric will be popular in summer and spring whereas wool and cashmere cardigans will be popular in winter.

So, stocking them up according to the season's demand will be beneficial for your business.

Streamline Inventory Management

By streamlining your inventory management through software, you can avoid shortages of cardigans during high demand.

You can track the flow of goods through these software and keep an eye on any occurring problems during stocking, packaging, shipping, and delivery so you can solve it instantly.

Offer Special Deals

Another way to increase profit for retailers is by offering special deals and discounts to your customers.

For example, giving your buyers a buy two cardigans and get one free deal will tempt your customers and increase your chances of sale.

You can also offer small discounts on online orders like free shipping for a first-time buyer, limited-time offers or season/holiday sales, etc.

And similarly, if you're a wholesaler, then offering quantity-based discounts to retailers on bulk purchases will help you make more as well.