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Wholesale Women's Gloves and Mittens

If you’re in the wholesale or retail business of apparel or accessories, gloves and mittens are great to stock and sell.

Witnessing a CAGR of 7.5% from 2023 to 2029, their sales are expected to rise each year. 

And in this segment, winter gloves/mittens for women are particularly popular. 

As it gets colder, they see a rise in online searches and demand and that’s a consistent pattern for decades

Since they offer both warmth and style, they are among women's most purchased winter accessories.

So, before you stock up, get to know the range – styles, materials, and sizes. 

For winter gloves, popular styles include: 

  • Full finger gloves
  • Half finger gloves
  • Fingerless gloves
  • Elbow-length gloves

And when it comes to mittens, these are:

  • Full-hand mittens — they do not have any finger partitions.
  • Convertible mittens — they can convert from mittens to half-finger gloves.

For your store, you can find all these types of gloves & mittens in different materials like wool, fleece, leather, nylon, etc. 

Plus, they are available in various colors (red, blue, green, etc.) and sizes (S, M, L & XL). 

Besides, these regular gloves worn on typical cold days, there are special gloves and mitts for women who enjoy skiing and snowboarding. They’re made from materials like thinsulate or down and are water-proof. So, when sourcing any of these winter items, you must always focus on quality. Pick ones with durable stitching and good insulation.

Beyond Winter Sales

While it may seem like gloves and mittens are seasonal, there's more to them. This category also includes year-round sellers like: 

Exfoliating shower mitts 

They’re a hit, especially with women. They scrub off dead skin and clear pores, making skin look healthier.

Plus, they’re not season-specific.

If you have a beauty shop or drugstore, you should think about buying these mitts at wholesale prices and selling them in your store.

Fashion gloves

Fashion gloves are stylish and elegant; plus they're also popular for weddings.

Just like winter gloves, they are available in various lengths including wrist, elbow, and opera (beyond elbow) gloves.

As a retailer buying wholesale, you should consider stocking trendy options like laced, embroidered, rhinestone-embellished, fishnet, and fur-cuffed gloves in different colors and designs.

Safety and protection gloves

If you’re any business in the manufacturing, construction, healthcare, food, and chemical processing industries, get these safety and protection gloves for your staff from a trusted wholesaler. 

They’re important for the safety of both men and women working in these sectors. They’re available as:

  • Reusable gloves for industrial work
  • Disposable gloves for use in healthcare settings and food-related operations

Note: Especially when sourcing disposable gloves for your store or business use, it’s important to ensure they meet specific safety standards. 

For food handling: Gloves must comply with FDA Title 21 CFR Part 177 standard. They should be made of materials that are safe for use in food or food packaging such as polyethylene, latex, nitrile, vinyl, etc.

For medical use: Choose non-powdered gloves as powdered ones are banned by the FDA.