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Wholesale Men’s Shorts

Shorts are a daily summer essential for many across the U.S., spanning all age groups.

Their popularity underscores their significance in the American fashion landscape, marking them as a vital market for retailers. Are you ensuring your inventory includes styles that resonate with customers?

Let’s explore the hottest styles and trends to help make your retail inventory a resounding success.

Shorts Variety: Boosting Retail Profits with Diverse Styles

  • Cycling – Designed for comfort during sports and physical activities, cycling shorts are longer, lightweight, and breathable.
  • Swimming – Ideal for beach activities and boating, swimming shorts are made from synthetic material with an inner mesh for quick drying.
  • Denim – Popular for comfort and durability, denim shorts are ideal for a casual look.
  • Flat Front – With a simple and classic design, shorts lie flat near the zippers, making them a go-to option for various shirts and shoes.
  • Pleated – Featuring front and back pleats, pleated shorts retain their shape whether you are standing on a beach or sitting down.
  • Cargo – Loose-fitting and equipped with multiple pockets, cargo shorts are a practical choice for outdoor activities.
  • Madras – Made from lightweight, breathable, and hand-woven fabric, Madras shorts are designed with striped or checkered patterns.
  • Bermuda – Extending almost to the knees, Bermuda shorts are perfect semi-casual attire in summer.
  • Board – Longer and quick-drying, board shorts are suitable for water sports and beach activities.
  • Fashion – Featuring various prints, patterns, bold colors, and designs, fashion shorts make a stylish statement.

Shorts in Demand: Hottest Trends in Men’s Fashion

Which short styles fascinate men is not difficult to guess when we look around coastal areas in the United States. Here are the top trends in men's shorts!

Regional Style Flair

Cargo shorts are making waves in the southwest and northwest regions (think Florida and Oregon), while jean shorts are trending in the Midwest.

Color Palette Insights

Designers are showcasing blue, black, grey, khaki, and white shorts. Bold hues like red, orange, and yellow remain rare in men’s wardrobes.


Camo is a widely accepted military style for its masculine edge. That's why shorts with camouflage military-inspired patterns are gaining immense popularity.

Retailers can inspire customers by pairing camo shorts with plain tees to sell a complete look.

Denim Shorts

Loose-fit denim shorts are comfy enough for all-day play. Plus, designers are captivating male audiences by incorporating suede inserts in their short styles. This trend not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also adds a luxurious touch to casual wear.


Crafted with cotton in a loose-fit style, Bermuda shorts combine comfort and style for a sophisticated casual look. Due to their cotton composition, timeless style, and versatile appeal, they can be highly lucrative for retailers.

Men’s Tech Shorts

Responding to consumer demand, manufacturers are introducing tech-enhanced shorts with advanced features. For instance, Nike introduced tech shorts made from double-sided spacer fleece, maximizing warmth without increasing weight. These shorts increase functionality for various physical and sports activities.

As a retailer, you can enhance your offerings by stocking up on these shorts, meeting the rising demand for performance-focused athleisure wear.

Peak Time for Selling Shorts: Don’t Miss Out on the Summer

As the temperature rises during summer and spring, people naturally buy more shorts, driving market demand. Google Trends also confirms peak shorts demand during the months of April through August.

The reasons behind this peak include:

Summer vacations – when people plan to go on vacation and move to hot spots like beaches, shorts are a staple casual attire.

Back-to-school Season – retailers see a surge in demand in this season when parents shop for their kids' back-to-school wardrobes.

Thus, it is smart to stock up on shorts during summer when more people look for these clothing items.