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Every single person is conscious of their dress.

Women always love dresses with unique cuts and patterns. They’ve always caught their attention.

Girls prefer modern dresses to look confident and stylish. However, nowadays, there’s been a drastic change in clothing trends. Both conventional and contemporary fashion prevail.

Whether for adults or children, the demand for clothing has always been huge. The business of wholesale girl’s dresses thus promises huge profit margins.

Even in the pandemic, the clothing business for girls’ dresses thrived. In 2020, the global market value for women's and girls’ clothing was US$645.5 Billion. By 2026, it is projected to reach US$763.9 Billion.

Wholesale Girls’ Dresses Suppliers

Chic Baby America, Inc.

Chic Baby is a wholesale manufacturer and supplier of girls’ dresses. Based in Los Angeles, they have been in the industry for over 25 years. With their immense experience, they have gained good global recognition.

Considering their collection, Chic Baby offers a great diversity of dresses. This includes dresses for graduation, communion, birthdays, quinceanera, baptism, flower girl, etc.

Their dress quality speaks for itself. The dresses portray the efforts that are put into manufacturing every piece. It makes the customers fall in love with the dress, its colors, and its delicate texture.

Kid's Dream Inc.

Kid’s Dream Inc. is another name in the industry of manufacturers and wholesalers of kids’ dresses. Based in Los Angeles, they have been bringing joy to kids’ special occasions since 1998.

They enjoy global recognition based on their alluring dresses with marvelous designs. Their clothing range includes trendy dresses for girls of all ages. Dresses for Easter, holy communion, graduation, formal school events, etc. all are available.

Their flower girls’ apparel is equally known among their buyers. Customers are entranced by their formal range consisting of vintage and traditional dresses.

Kid’s Dream values customer satisfaction. They put extra care into the creation of every dress.

Bojan Kids

Situated in Los Angeles, Bojan Kids is another wholesaler and manufacturer of kids’ apparel.

Their fine quality and unique designs have earned them much acknowledgment among others.

Bojan Kids offers costumes and dresses for special occasions. Buyers can find dresses for communion, christening, party, school events, etc. Boy suits, tuxedos, & kids’ designer wear are also available.

Their classic charros collection and kids’ costumes are also famous among their buyers.

They pay considerable importance to maintaining their quality and standards. Yet, they offer their fine collection at affordable rates to retain customers.


Based in Los Angeles, CA, Unik is among the leading US brands of children's wholesale clothing.

Understanding the sensitivity of kids’ skin, they offer the finest clothing with smooth textures. Also, the prices are kept lower despite the high quality.

Their clothing range, includes dresses, modish tracksuits, jumpsuits, rompers, coats, etc.

They also offer an alluring collection of girls’ dresses. From skirts to dresses for special occasions, you can find all. The vibrant colors and trendy designs make the dresses a parents’ choice for their kids.

Their professionally trained team provides customers with what they seek.

Their fast delivery services satisfy their clientele.

Some Other Categories Related to Girls’ Dresses

Girls' Sweatshirts & Hoodies

Women often wear dresses on special occasions or formal events. however, sweatshirts and hoodies are great for casual gatherings. Though simple, they equally give a stylish and modern look.