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Wholesale Unisex Gloves

Gloves serve a vital role in various settings — offering protection against the cold, enhancing safety in industries like healthcare and construction, and even making a fashion statement. 

Their versatility makes them more than just a seasonal accessory. In fact, their sales reached $14.21 billion in 2023, and are projected to grow at a CAGR of 7.5% till 2027.

For store owners, this is a great opportunity. Selling a wide range of gloves, from practical work gloves to fashionable pairs, can really boost your business. The glove market is big and getting bigger, so having a good selection of gloves can help you catch more customers.

Now, let’s dive into the different types of unisex gloves you could sell in your store.

Diverse Range of Unisex Gloves for Businesses

Unisex gloves come in many types, including biking gloves, boxing gloves, dust protection gloves, full-length gloves, knitted gloves, nitrile gloves, sheer gloves, and more. 

Each type is made with specific materials like latex, leather, metals, or wool, tailored to their use.

Understanding these options is key to knowing what's popular in the market and what your customers might be looking for.

Trendy Unisex Gloves in the US Market

Here’s some trendy gloves in the market. Knowing this can help you understand what types of gloves people are buying right now.

Practical Gloves

Touchscreen Gloves
  • Market Demand: These gloves are increasingly sought after due to the increased use of smartphones and tablets.
  • Unique Feature: Their conductive fingertips made from special elements allow you to easily interact with touch screens.
  • Retailer's Advantage: By stocking these gloves, retailers can appeal to the tech-savvy audience who value convenience and functionality.

Gardening Gloves
  • Growing Interest: The rise in home gardening activities has boosted the demand for these gloves.
  • Types to Consider: Options range from full leather to synthetic and fabric gloves, each of these types of durability and protection.
  • Retailer's Strategy: By offering a variety of gardening gloves you can cater to hobbyists and serious gardeners alike.

Sports Gloves
  • Why The Demand: Essential for various sports, including cycling, golf, and weightlifting. These gloves are designed for specific activities, offering grip, support, and sometimes padding.
  • Retailer's Approach: Stocking a range of sports-specific gloves can attract fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes, providing them with the necessary gear for their sporting needs.

Fashion Gloves

Opera Gloves
  • Fashion Comeback: Once a symbol of elegance, these long gloves are now popular at fashion events, and a casual choice among consumers.
  • Retailer's Tip: Including opera gloves can attract customers looking for that sophisticated, high-fashion look.

Metallic Gloves

  • Trendy Choice: Known for their shiny and unique appearance, they stand out in the fashion world.
  • Retailer's Benefit: These gloves can be a hit with customers seeking bold fashion statements.


These buying patterns highlight the demand for gloves in both practical and fashionable realms.

Understanding these trends can guide your purchasing decisions, allowing you to stock gloves that are current and sought after, whether for their practical use or fashion appeal.