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The clothing business is one of the most profitable industries in the world. A wholesale women's jacket business can be established and run successfully if you focus on getting premium quality stock. You should purchase your stock to ensure that you always have the best quality wholesale women's jackets for your customers.

Wholesale Women's Jacket Vendors  


Located in California, Rosemary is a leading wholesale supplier of women's fashion clothing items and accessories. This company was established in 2012 with the mission to provide a passionate and fashionable dress for women that gives them contentment, satisfaction, and pleasure. They are famous for their designs and styles in denim clothing items. You can find some of the most stylish, fashion-forward, and chic wholesale women's jackets from Rosemary.

El Interior

Located in Texas, El Interior is one of the most reliable and oldest wholesale suppliers of Mexican folk art, clothing, textiles, and home accessories. This company was established in 1979 by Marcia Lucas with the mission to provide one-of-a-kind homemade textiles at affordable rates to customers. They offer the latest designs of women's clothing items, including jackets, tops, dresses, and more.


Located in Georgia, Faithlilli is another popular wholesale supplier of sportswear and casual wear. This business was established with the goal of providing the highest quality wholesale clothing items at the most affordable rates to the customers. Their in-house designers understand the requirement of rapidly changing fashion trends, which is why they provide the chicest wholesale women's jackets in the market. You should check Faithlilli's collection to purchase some of the best women's jackets in bulk.

Wholesale Women's Jacket Categories

Activewear Tops

Besides wholesale women's jackets, you should also consider buying wholesale Activewear Tops for women. Most customers who purchase jackets also ask for activewear tops in bulk. So by including this category in your collection, you will make sure that you have everything that your customers might need.

Activewear Bottoms

Activewear Bottoms are another beneficial category that you should consider including in your collection. You can earn huge profits, attract new customers and increase your sales by purchasing wholesale activewear bottoms.