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Wholesale Unisex Hats

Fashion brands now produce clothing that is fashionably suitable for both men and women.

Hats are no different because brands produce hats that both genders can wear. These hats come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and designs.

Their universality makes them a desirable part of the attire because men and women can conveniently match them with any clothing.

As a fashion retailer, you should know some essential information about these hats before you buy them from your wholesale supplier.

So, let’s first explore the types of unisex hats these suppliers offer.

Different Types of Unisex Hats

The unisex hats you can buy from wholesalers include apple caps, baseball caps, beanies, beret hats, broad-brim hats, bonnets, bucket hats, derby hats, fedora hats, Panama hats, trilby hats, and more.

Knowing the trending unisex hat styles can help attract more customers to your store. So, let’s find out the latest buying patterns of unisex hats

Trending Fashion in Unisex Hats

Embellishment with Bling

Unisex hats embellished with crystals, glitters, and jewelry are a top attraction as they add glamor and style to one's appearance.

For example, bucket and denim hats embellished with rhinestones are popular among buyers.

These hats feature different designs of butterflies, flowers, the USA acronym, the New York Yankees logo, and many other attractions.

This fashion style has been influenced majorly by hip-hop culture and endorsements from fashion brands and celebrities on social media platforms.

As a retailer, you can benefit by adding fashionable bling-style hats to your stock and attracting buyers who seek them to create chic outfits.

Preference for Sustainability

The growing demand for sustainable clothing leads brands to produce unisex hats made with non-toxic chemicals and biodegradable materials. These include recycled wool, organic cotton, hemp, and palm leaves.

Doing so ensures that these hats are safe for consumers. Brands also try to fulfill the demand for environmentally friendly products to protect the planet's animals and resources.

Even renowned brands like Nike produce unisex hats with sustainable practices.

Examples of sustainable unisex hats include eco-friendly winter duckbill caps made with recycled polyester, which maintains excellent quality and visually appealing color schemes and designs.

Featuring these hats in your store can help cater to environmentally-conscious buyers and boost your sales and revenue.

Vintage Hat Styles on the Rise

Unisex hats based on vintage styles are trending among buyers who want to revive classic fashion staples for nostalgic vibes.

This trend is due to significant personalities embracing vintage fashion styles as a recollection.

Examples of retro-style unisex hats include cloche hats and Wild West-themed cowboy hats. Let's understand this with an instance that drives the popularity of these hat styles.

There has been a revival in the popularity of cloche hats due to Kate Middleton and various Hollywood celebrities wearing 1920s-style cloches at public gatherings and fashion events.

It has led their followers to impersonate their favorite celebrities. Subsequently, brands have increased the production of vintage hats in various shapes and sizes.

To capitalize on that, buy retro hats from wholesalers and sell them at higher prices with wider profit margins.

They are expensive due to their value as classic masterpieces from previous eras.


Filling your inventory with unisex hats suitable for both men and women can help you attract customers from both genders to your store.

More customers can mean more flowing cash and an increase in your sales and revenue, leading to significant growth in your business.